Thursday, March 26, 2009

quiz answers...

So...there were 117 views of the quiz I posted the other day, but only 20 people were brave enough to take it! I thought I needed to prove to you all, that every single question on that quiz has been touched on at some point during the lifespan of my blog. So, if you took it and didn't score perfectly, or if you're one of the curious ones that just looked at the questions, here are the answers (along with a link to the post in which the answer can be found!):
Question #1
Which of the following was NOT a New Year's Resolution for me this year?
Drink less diet coke (click HERE)

Question #2
What is my favorite Easter candy?
Cadbury mini eggs (click HERE)

Question #3
Which of the following fruits do I DESPISE?
Watermelon (click HERE and look at "U")

Question #4
Which of the following states have I never visited?
California (click HERE and look at #9, click HERE, click HERE, AND click HERE.)

Question #5
What is my "other" job besides teaching?
Salesman at a boutique (click HERE).

What have I given up for Lent this year?
Sweets (click HERE).

Question #7
Which of the following cities have I NEVER lived in? (this one was TRICKY!)
Columbus (click HERE).

Question #8
What color was my very first car?
White (click HERE).

Question #9
What is my favorite flower?
Tulip (click HERE).

Question #10
How old am I going to be on March 23?
28 (click HERE and do the math).

See?? :)

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Melanieshea said...

I was SO mad on a few of them that I had wrong b/c I really did know the right answer especially your favorite candy!!! LOL