Saturday, March 31, 2007

Super Bulldog Weekend!

Ever since I was little, my sisters and I would go to my dad's bank for "Super Saturday" during the weekend of Super Bulldog Weekend. I was the only Tomlinson girl who was actually in Starkville this morning, but I still went. In fact, I live close enough to the bank, so Max and I just decided to walk. It was a really pretty morning.
The wind was blowing, so my hair's kinda crazy, but you can at least tell how short it is. I've only worn it straight since I got it cut, so I'm a LITTLE worried about the curly haired look. (Claire, I know what you're thinking!!!).

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took this morning.

My first love...

So, some of you may be wondering WHY I posted a picture of an old white car...
Well, this morning, Max and I were walking down Main Street. I looked up and what did I see? MY OLD CAR!! Yes, this ACTUAL car was my very first car. A white 1988 Mazda 626. It got me through highschool AND college. I LOVED that car (except for the times it broke down, the times the AC didn't work, or the times the engine would randomly start smoking). I was thrilled to see it still trucking around Starkville and seemingly OK. I hope its owner takes as good of care of it as I did (and I hope the owner didn't see me taking a picture of his/her car!)
I still miss him sometimes.

Just a few things...

  • I realize that it's been several days since a posting. I know that for most of you, they have been very long days as you've impatiently waited to see what was going to happen next in the exciting life of Laura Tomlinson. I'll try not to ever leave you in such suspense again.
  • There were 2 different events that occurred last week that were too devastating to even write about in a post: a) MSU's loss in NYC (stupid 3 pointer at the BUZZER!). MSK(S) is IS painful to be a State fan. b) "You know who" has NOT been voted off of "you know what show "yet (it's too difficult for me to even type).
  • I got a hair cut yesterday. It's shorter than it's been in YEARS. I was ready for a change and I kinda like it actually. (NOTE: I would take a picture now and post it, BUT it's 7:00 am, and I think it's in everyone's BEST interest for me NOT to post a picture of myself for the public to see...picture to come later...again, I'm sorry to leave you in suspense).
  • Wondering why I'm awake at 7:00 am on a Saturday? Max. Sometimes he enjoys sleeping in, other times (like today) he's ready to get up and play. Oh well, maybe I can be somewhat productive rather than sleeping away my Saturday.
  • I am aware that the cute heading at the top of my blog is too small (it may be normal by the time you see it, but right now it's really small). Sweet, creative Katie Pugh made it for me and she's in the process of getting it just right. Isn't it cute? I can take zero credit for it...Thanks Katie! :)
  • I love the weekend.

That's all for now....have a fantastic Saturday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's a good one...

Claire burned me a fantastic Patty Griffin mix last weekend when she was here. She's quite obsessed with Patty Griffin, and I'm always telling her that I want to expand my music taste (and I, of course, want to be just like her :) ).

It's a FABULOUS CD. Fabulous.
Claire's favorite song on the CD is called "Heavenly Day." The first time she made me listen to it, I liked it, but it wasn't until about the 5th time I listened to it that I officially became OBSESSED with it.

I've added it to my playlist below (Claire, I know you tried to download it and couldn't get it to work...try's available now!)
You have to listen to it. You'll love it!

Thanks Claire! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

So...I guess I'm 26 now...

If you've been around my family much, you know that when it's a family member's birthday, a BIG DEAL is made and it's celebrated for sometimes up to 10 days. This is no lie. I remember before my brother-in-law Trey became a member of the family, he was in disbelief when he found himself a part of one of our birthday celebrations.
My 26th birthday was yesterday. I guess I don't really know what I was thinking when I said, "oh, it's not a 'big, important' birthday this year. I don't need to do anything special and don't really want a whole lot of attention." I mean, HAVE YOU MET MY FAMILY??? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN AROUND MY FRIENDS??? They're the best. No really...I know you're probably thinking that I'm exagerrating, but it's no exagerration my friend. It's the straight up truth. THEY ARE AWESOME.
The "celebration" began on Thursday morning when my class gave me a surprise ;) party (a day early...I guess they wanted to throw me off!). They had cupcakes, balloons (one of which contained $$...ALWAYS a good thing!), and they of course made me wear a "birthday princess" crown and sash (see picture below...). I was looking pretty good I must say.

Thursday night, my sweet friend, Sarah, and her husband Matthew, took me out to eat. We at at Oby's (of course, I am THE most indecisive person EVER and they made ME decide where to eat, so it was quite a long process!). I was pleased with my decision! The food was FANTASTIC!
Friday morning (my actual birthday), Max woke me up singing "Happy Birthday" followed by a phone call from my parents with my dad ALSO singing (wow.). I was excited to receive a bouquet of flowers delivered to the school that were from a secret admirer! Ok, not really. They were from Candy and they are BEAUTIFUL! I kept them on my desk at school all day, but I of course brought them home with me to enjoy here.

I enjoyed the phone calls, cards, emails, text messages, (facebook messages too! :) ) that I received ALL day. How special did it make me feel that so many people remembered my birthday??!!
2 more of my fabulous friends, Claire and MSK came to hang out with me that night. Claire came from Birmingham, and MSK was here from Jackson. We of course ate at Tipico (I wonder who chose that!?!?).

OK, and I MUST show off part of MSK's gift to me, even though it wasn't actually for me. Isn't it cute?? :) Max LOVES his new shirt. He asked if he could pop his collar, but I won't let him.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned in a blog post that I was wanting to redecorate my room. Well, my WONDERFUL parents gave me a beautiful new comforter! It came from West Elm. I picked it out a while back, but when I went to look at it online, they didn't have the color I wanted. I was disappointed and had been trying to find one I liked as much. My mom called them and they actually DID have the one I wanted! LUCKY ME! Of course, I went right out this morning to find new this surprising to you??Here are before and after pictures of my room (don't pay too much attention to the pillows I have on the bed. I haven't had a chance to find ones I want yet, so I just used what I had).

You may be thinking that the comforters look very similar. The old one is green and VERY faded. It's not in the best condition. The new one is blue, and is more quilted than the other one.

I'm VERY excited about it. What do you think??
If you had asked me on my 20th birthday, where I thought I'd be and what I thought I'd be doing when I was 26, what I thought I'd be doing is definitely different than what I'm actually doing at 26. Sometimes I may not think everything in my life isn't going according to my plan, but I have to remind myself that there's someone just a LITTLE bigger than me who's in complete control of my life.
I can also assure you that 6 years ago, I never would have dreamed that at the age of 26 I would be SO COMPLETELY surrounded by such incredible people. My family and friends really really are the best. God has TRULY blessed me.

What a great birthday it was! :)
*Oh, and don't think the celebration is over yet. We haven't had my "family party" yet! I'm telling you..IT'S NEVERENDING!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh, I KNOW she didn't...

My lovely sister Heather felt compelled to write a little story that is worth your time to read. I really don't know where she comes up with this stuff. Anyway, if you need a good laugh, you must take a look at it!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

No, I didn't forget...

My dear friend Meredith celebrated her 25th birthday LAST Saturday (the 17th). I didn't forget to wish her a happy birthday, but I was at Kristen's on her birthday and failed to mention anything about it in a post! So....


Thanks for the picture, Claire...I love it too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I don't EVEN want to talk about it...

Sanjaya? Top 10? I don't get it. If America thinks he really deserves to be the next American Idol, I'm seriously worried. Maybe I should have tried out. I can't sing, but I certainly carry a tune better than he does. I'm really worked up about this.

Stephanie IS talented and DIDN'T deserve to go home. That's all I'm going to say about it. I'm done.

I miss Carrie Underwood. The show hasn't been the same since.


Well, I'M not actually going to NY unfortunately, but my BULLDOGS are! My dad and I went to the game last night to cheer on the dawgs (I left the game hoarse as a matter of fact) and what a fun FUN game it was! We beat Florida State 86-71! The team will be playing at Madison Square Garden in NYC next Tuesday night at the NIT semifinal (anybody else want to take off work and GO??!!! Seriously, what I would do...). This will be the first time MSU has played in an NIT semifinal and I'm SO pumped about it. GO DAWGS!!!
This is a pre-game picture I took last night. I tried to take a picture of the final score, but my stupid camera battery died, so that didn't happen (bummer).

Click here to read more about the game!


*Those of you who are readers of Heather's blog too are probably noticing that our past 3 postings have been QUITE similar! Basically it just boils down to the fact that she wants to be JUST LIKE ME! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy 85th birthday to Mamaw!

My sweet Mamaw turned 85 last week (the 13th), so after spending a few days with Kristen, Rob, and Henry, Mom, Dad, Heather, and I went to Meridian for a family get together for her birthday. The ENTIRE family (with the exception of Kris, Rob, and Henry, but STILL quite a large number!) was able to be there. It was only a short visit, but there were some family members there that I haven't seen in several months, so it was great to spend a little time with them! Happy 85th birthday Mamaw! (Oh, and yes, the white fluff ball in my arms is Max..he definitely was in attendance at the party!).

Me and my Mamaw...

Mamaw with ALL of her grandchildren and great grand children (except for Kristen and Henry!)

*I had a wonderful and very relaxing spring break...BACK TO WORK TOMORROW! :(

My sweet nephew... of my favorite's of Henry's sweet smile!!

So, I mentioned in a recent post that I would be visiting Kristen and Rob and that I would be posting new pictures of Henry soon. After spending the weekend with them, I realized that I have a serious problem with picture-taking (this isn't new to those of you who know me well). I took almost 100 pictures of Henry in just a matter of 3 days. 100!!! AND, HE'S NOT EVEN MY CHILD!! Of course I feel like he might as well be, but seriously, what in the world am I going to be like if I have children of my own one day? I really just can't imagine. I feel like I need to capture every single thing Henry does! (Look at some of the pictures I took was so worth following his every move with a camera in my hand!). Anyway, you don't need me going on and on about how adorable he is...these pictures speak for themselves (and YES, I did refrain from posting all 100 pictures!)!

In case you can't read the shirt, it says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my aunt"...someone actually gave it to Henry. Kristen is not a huge fan of the onesies with words on them, but I thought it was only appropriate that I take a picture with him wearing it!

Henry being smothered by his 2 aunts!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I guess next time I throw away a paper towel, I need to MAKE SURE it makes it INTO the trash can and not on the floor NEXT to the trash can. He's trying to hide behind the chair, thinking I'm not going to find him snacking on this paper towel. SNEAKY!!!

Look at those adorable, innocent little eyes. haha...

*Max and I are heading to see Henry today, so I'll be posting updated pictures of my precious nephew in a few days! :)


Oh, COME ON!!!

America, I'm disappointed. I really am.
I just KNEW Sanjaya was going home after he made it to the bottom 3 on American Idol last night. I JUST KNEW IT! So I'm standing in front of my TV, by myself, waiting for the verdict.
I wanted to cry when I heard "Sanjaya............(long heart is pounding by this time...)..... you're SAFE!" WHAT?!!!!! Seriously, America, this is getting ridiculous. I threaten each week to stop watching the show if he doesn't go home. I don't know how much more of his singing I can take.

(Look at his face!! I think even HE is wondering how he's made it this far!!!)

I just don't get it.

*cadbury egg update: the bag is empty. They're all gone...all of them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I just CAN'T stop!

Yes, it's true, part of the reason I look forward to this time of year is because of mini cadbury eggs. Jenny, mentioned them in a recent post, so I know she feels the same way about them as I do...they are FANTASTIC!
Now, if I was able to buy a bag, share with others, and make the ONE bag last for a while, that would be OK.
Here's my problem: I CAN'T CONTROL MY PORTIONS (it's the same reason why I can't buy cereal...I eat WAY more than a serving size!). I really will eat them until I feel sick, and somehow that makes me think that I'm eating more than ONE serving. Hmmmm...
I've got a bag at my house now. I've been "good" today; I've only had a couple of them, but when I'm not munching on them, I'm thinking about how they're just sitting there in my cabinet waiting to be eaten. I guess I better go ahead and finish them so I'll stop thinking about them, huh?


*Side note: My birthday is next Friday (the 23rd), so if YOU want to buy me a bag, I guess it would be rude for me to turn them down, right??


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Need a good laugh? I think this video will help. Be sure that you have a few minutes to watch and turn up your volume so you can hear this psycho.
Oh and you're going to need to pause my playlist at the don't need anything to distract you from this.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Hi, my name is Laura, and I'm very EASILY entertained...

This whole spring break thing is giving me a lot more time to do NOTHING. I'm not used to having NOTHING to do (not that I'm complaining!!! It's fabulous actually!). I may be blogging a little more than usual this week because of all of the extra free time I have...get excited!

I came across this site (thanks Anisa!) and decided to play around with it. Here's what I came up with:

Yes, this is supposed to be me and Max (it's the best I could do).
I understand that:
  • Max is not a girl, therefore, he does NOT wear bows (other than that, that's a pretty good replica of Max!)
  • I'm not anorexic
  • There are no dog parks in Starkville where I take Max

Still, it was kinda entertaining. You should give it a try!

Can you tell just HOW bored I am?


If you read Heather's blog last week, you saw where little Sophie had surgery last week. Well, Max's was today. I've planned on getting him "fixed" every since I got him, but the thought of him being there all day and having SURGERY scared me (yes, I'm talking about a DOG, not a person). I finally did it today though. I took him at 7:30 this morning and he started crying right when I pulled into the parking lot! POOR BABY!! I did NOT want to leave him.
I got a call from the vet around 10 and they let me know that he made it through his surgery fine, but I couldn't pick him up until 4. It was a good time for me to clean the house today (he usually feels compelled to chase the broom or vacuum while I'm's annoying, but I kinda missed it today!). But, I was finished cleaning around 11:30 and by that time, I WAS READY TO HAVE HIM HOME!
He's tired and really sore now(of course), but they gave me some pain medicine for him, so he should be good to go in a couple of days! He's being such a big boy though...he hasn't cried or anything! His mommy is so proud of him!

Puppy 1

There was NOTHING fun about what he went through today, but at least now, he and Sophie can play (and be left alone together!) without any worries!!!

favorite picture...

me, Mere, and Claire right before the wedding...

This is my favorite picture from the wedding...thought I'd share. Of course, it's no surprise that this picture has already been enlarged to a 5x7 and is framed in my living room (yes, I'm a psycho about pictures).

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cowboy take me away...

She's now Meredith HORN...WEIRD.
What a PERFECT day for a wedding. If you were there, then I'm sure you would agree that it was a gorgeous wedding and Meredith was a STUNNING bride (of course that was no big surprise though!).

Here is a flip-album of pictures from Meredith's big day...

Cool Slideshows

I sure am going to miss that girl.

*P.S. I was told ONCE AGAIN that I look like Minnie Driver. I still don't get it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

thoughts for today...

I'm sitting here in silence drinking coffee (one of my favorite things to do actually) and I'm thinking about today and ALL that will be taking place:
  • I'm heading to Mere's bridesmaid brunch in just a few short pj' doesn't get better than that!

  • Mere's wedding is at 4 today. I can't even tell you how thrilled I am for her! There's no doubt she'll be beautiful and to make things more perfectly for her, it looks as though it's going to be a gorgeous day! Yea!!!

  • After the wedding I'm actually going to be telling Meredith goodbye. Not just because she's going on her honeymoon and it'll be a week or so before I see her. Not even just because she's going to be living a couple of hours away so the visits will be few. She and Vic are actually going to be living in Alpine, Texas (very close to the Mexico border), so I needless to say, we won't be getting together on Thursdays to watch "The Office" anymore! It's weird to be overcome with such extreme opposite emotions as I am right now...I couldn't be happier for Mere. She deserves to be happy more than anybody. Saying goodbye to her right now though, make me SO SAD!!! I just hope I make it through today!

Meredith-I love you and I'm going to miss you friend!!

  • MSU is playing Arkansas today at noon. Because of the busy day I have today, chances are I won't be watching it, but I'm still going to be pulling for my dawgs!! WOO HOO!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Bravo to Simon... I couldn't have said it better myself. If you're an idol fan, then I'm quite sure that at this point in the competition, you're thinking what I'm thinking: GO HOME ANTONELLA AND SANJAYA!
  • My thoughts on Antonella: this is a singing competition NOT a beauty pageant...maybe you should try out for "Miss Teen USA."

  • And for Sanjaya: cut your hair and stop wearing make up.

If these 2 don't go home tonight, I may have to discontinue watching it....(ok, so, I've threatened to do this before, but it hasn't worked...).

On a POSITIVE note: my votes go out to Lakisha, and Melinda. These girls are STRAIGHT UP talented and if America votes strictly on talent, one of these 2 will have it in the bag.

*The results will be on tonight at 7...of course, if you're like me and watch "The Office," you'll find this schedule very inconvenient.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

SEC Western Division CHAMPS!!!!

What a game! In case you missed it for some reason, MSU beat (or maybe I should say slammed, killed, destroyed, etc.) Alabama 91-67. It's always fun to see an MSU victory, but it's even MORE fun when we beat a team like Alabama AND it causes us to beat out Ole Miss for the #1 spot in the SEC West! Woo hoo!

What does this mean?

1. Like I said, we're #1 in the SEC west!
2. Ole Miss ISN'T #1 in the SEC west.
3. Alabama is terrible (I mean, come on, 91-67??? It wasn't even close).
4. We will be playing Friday in Atlanta at the quarterfinals of the SEC tournament.
5. Oh, and did I mention that OLE MISS ISN'T #1??? I just wanted to make sure you understood.


Read more about this incredible game here.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

On a sad note...

*Claire's uncle passed away this weekend. It was very unexpected and her family is quite devastated.
*Also, I asked you to pray for Doris Cooper in a previous post. I graduated high school with her grandson, Cooper, and I'm really close to her daughter (Cooper's mom), June. She passed away today at 91 years old (91 YEARS OLD! isn't that amazing??).

Please remember to pray for both of these families as they are mourning the loss of their loved ones...

My new favorite thing!

I have a new obsession.... painting pottery! There's a fabulous little place in Starkville called "Dandy Doodlez" where you can paint almost ANYTHING. Heather has been fond of this place for quite some time, and she's always trying to get me to go, but I never have. I guess I thought you had to be an artist to really enjoy it. Well, she talked me, my mom, and Nana into going with her today. Of course, since she was in town and REALLY wanted to go, I figured I'd better go too so I could have some good hanging out time with her while she was here. Well, let me tell you, I'm far from being an artist, but I LOVED IT! We were there for nearly 3 hours. It was SO much fun (not to mention RELAXING!). I may become a regular there now. Mamaw's birthday is next week, so I painted her a cross, and of course I had to get Max something too, so I painted a little bone magnet with his name on it (I'm sure he's REALLY going to enjoy that one!).
I loved having Heather and Trey here this weekend. Heather, Mom, Nana and I were able to spend the day together while Dad and Trey played golf. Then tonight, Heather, Trey and I at ate Mexico Tipico, which of course, is always a winner! :) Max is exhausted from playing with Sophie all day too. It really is THE cutest thing watching to 2 of those run around chasing each other incessantly. I managed to catch a couple of shots of them playing together. TOO CUTE!

What a fun day!

*By the way, if you've never met my sister Heather, or never even taken a peek at her blog, YOU MUST. She'll have you laughing even if you DON'T know her. I can't tell you how many times people have asked, "are you SURE the 2 of you are sisters?".....those of you who know both of us have probably wondered...sometimes I wonder myself... :)
*Any thoughts on my new blog template?? I wanted a little change...