Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 day blog challenge- Day 23

Day 23- Favorite Vacation Place
You probably know that I can't just choose one favorite of anything. When it comes to a favorite vacation I've had, there are several. They're all favorite places I've visited for different reasons. Here are a few fun places I've visited (and LOVED!):
- Seaside, FL. Oh my gosh. Everything about that place is heavenly. We took a family trip there last summer and I've wanted to go back ever since.

-San Antonio, TX. I actually went there on a teacher conference a couple of years ago and loved everything about it (except maybe the meetings!)! We stayed on the Riverwalk and it was so very fun. I'd love to go back.

-New York, NY. This was another family trip taken during my freshman year of college. I love the busyness and "fun-ness" of this place! We did a lot of the touristy things when we went, but I want to go back and just have fun shopping and eating at fun restaurants.
-Colorado. I've actually been to CO at least 3 different times (Aspen, Keystone, Denver, Colorado Springs, etc), and it's just an absolutely beautiful place. I enjoyed snow skiing but that's honestly not something I necessarily desire to do again. I just enjoy the atmosphere of this part of the country. Who doesn't like wearing a sweatshirt, drinking hot chocolate, and watching it snow outside?

-Highlands, NC. I've been to this wonderful place twice (?) I think. It's by far one of the most beautiful, relaxing places I've ever visited. If you've never been here, you MUST. (Looking at this picture makes me want to go NOW!).

-Charleston, SC. This was another family trip. I've only been there once but like the other places I've mentioned, I want to go back so badly!!! I could definitely live in this beautiful city.
Where is your favorite vacation spot?


The Stringers said...

between charleston and highlands, sounds like you need to make a trip to see the stringers. my front yard looks like the pic of the highlighlands you posted...well, except for the waterfall! :)

Dwell in possibility said...

Anywhere I haven't been is where I want to be. That covers an immense amount of territory. :)

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