Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 day blog challenge- Day 19

Day 19-Something you miss
When it comes to "things I miss," a few things come to mind.
I miss:
-being required to take a nap at school. I often tell kindergarteners that they need to appreciate their naps. (Either they disagree with me or don't understand what the word "appreciate" means. Hmmm... ). I would be quite content with a required daily 2:00 pm nap.
-not having to make decisions.
-having somebody do my laundry, pay my bills, cook my meals, clean my house, buy mygroceries, etc. (Mom, can I move back in?).
-the days when I didn't have to wear make up.
-being able to eat "junk food" without worrying about what my hips and skin will do the next day.
-a certain friendship I used to have.
-sleeping in the same bed as my sisters on Christmas Eve.
-my grandfathers.
- our previous President.
-new episodes of Seinfeld.
-TCBY (although Starkville's new Local Culture is prettyyyyy good!)
-the days when all of my friends lived in the same town.
-my first car, a 1988 Mazda 626 affectionately named "Dante." May he R.I.P.
-my subscription to PEOPLE magazine.
-my missing OPI nail polish from last fall.
-old school Nintendo. Nothing will ever be as good.
-the days when the word "stress" was not part of my vocabulary.

What's something you miss?

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