Monday, November 1, 2010

30 day blog challenge- Day 8

Day 8-A place you've traveled to
I've been blessed to go on lots of fun trips in my life. My family has taken trips to New York, North Carolina, and Colorado; and I've taken numerous trips with friends to places like Florida, Tennessee and such. When I thought about which place I wanted to blog about today, one particular trip came to mind.
Allow me to tell you about Alpine, Texas...

Ever been there (or even heard of it?)? Well, one of my dearest friends in all the land lives there with her husband and new baby. They moved there immediately after they got married, and let me tell you--having a best friend move that far away from me was something I had to get used to. We were so used to being together all of the time, and that obviously all changed. Since she's been there, we see each other about once a year. That's not enough Meredith time for me.

ANYWAY--about a year after they got married, I went through something really bad horrible. I don't know about you, but when things aren't going so great, I find the need to be with FRIENDS. I needed Meredith. Being the incredibly selfless people they are, Meredith and Vic bought me a plane ticket to visit them for a long weekend. Seriously--they're the best. And not only that, but Claire (another one of dearest friends in life) got to join us! Being with those 2 girls during that time was absolutely what I needed. It was Not necessarily because of the location (although Alpine was unlike anywhere I'd ever been before and I did enjoy seeing it!), but because of the timing of the trip and who I was able to be with.

Here are some out-of-control fun pictures from that trip.

(click on "view all images" if the slideshow doesn't start on its own!)

...and on an exciting note, Claire and I are heading back down there in just a few weeks! Meredith's baby was born in August and we've yet to meet her! I'm not sure I can contain my excitement!!!

Your question for today: where's a fun place YOU'VE visited?? (I've decided that I don't take enough advantage of the fact that I'm almost 30 and single. I should be traveling way more than I do and would love to hear of some fun places to go!).


Wade's World said...

Denver, Co. It was so amazing!!

Nancy said...

went to Bermuda this past june..I loved it..could live there all the time!!