Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 day blog challenge-Day 16

Day 16-Dream house
Pardon my blogging absence these past few days. I spent the weekend in Gulfport watching sweet Jones get baptized this weekend (pics to come.). Also, some of you may have noticed that my previous post was deleted. I kinda decided it probably wasn't a very wise post. :)
Back to the challenge!
I can't really say I have a "dream house," but there are definitely several things I'd like to have if I were to create my dream house:
1. A big kitchen. I have a t-niny kitchen right now. I don't cook a lot...mainly for that reason. I think if I had a big nice kitchen, I would be transformed into some sort of Bree Van De Kamp-like cook.
2. A nice size master bathroom with a massive bathtub. Ahh...
3. I would also like for my bedroom to have a fireplace in it (between that and the gi-normous bathtub, I'm not sure I'd ever leave my house). 4. Ummm....and the walk in closet would be unlike anything you've ever seen.Those are just a few of the things that, in my opinion, would make a house perfect! Oh, and I wouldn't complain if one day I had a husband and kids to share this home (or any home!) with!
What does your dream home look like?

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Dwell in possibility said...

Pretty much the same as yours but add a barn. Every time I get close to getting the bedroom part, we move. I'm frigging tired of moving right before the good part. :)