Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 day blog challenge- Day 14

Day 14-A picture you love

I love this picture for so many reasons. Not only do I love it because it includes some of my favorite people, but also because I believe this picture says so much. Here's what I imagine is taking place here:

It's the first day of school. (Kristen's first day of 2nd grade I believe, and my first day of kindergarten). And by simply looking at this picture, you can tell so very much about our personalities (see here).

I envision our conversation going something like this:

Kristen: "Everybody look at me! I'm going to school! I look cute and my backpack will be the best one there! Laura, come over here. Stand up straight and smile!"

Me (innocently of course): "OK! I just want to make everybody happy!"

Heather (pouting with "Baby" in hand): "That is so not fair. I want to go to school. When will it be my turn? This is the first time I haven't gotten what I wanted. I'm going to pout until someone feels sorry for me."

I would also like to point out how handsome my dad is in this pic! He's so proud. :)

Oh, and I'm also envisioning my beautiful mom trying her best (without raising her voice of course) to get us all to cooperate at once. Bless her.

There are a zillion pictures that I love for different reasons; but when looking through some I had on my computer, this one just caught my eye first and put a smile on my face!

When you think of a picture that you love, what comes to mind? Why?


Melita said...

I do believe you have it JUST right! ha! I love that picture, too!

Ally Walker said...

I LOVE this picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

You were such a cooperative and kind student--can't say that for many of your other classmates--and you know who I'm talking about!! Mrs. K.