Friday, November 26, 2010

Egg Bowl time...

You've probably learned by now that:
a. I love LOVE college football
b. I'm a Mississippi State fan like none other.
Tomorrow is the annual Egg Bowl and honestly, I probably won't sleep much tonight in complete anticipation of this event. Even though, my bulldogs are predicted to win, it's being played at the very annoying school up north. And as many can tell you, when it comes to this game, you never can know what'll happen. The unpredictability (is that a word?) of it makes me crazy.
Anyway, a few posts back I was eager to hear some of your predictions. Leave a comment (if you haven't already!) and give me your take on: 1. Who you think is going to win, and 2. What you think the score will be. If you're correct, you'll receive a "happy" from me in the mail!
The only predictions I have so far are:
*Wade's World says:
MSU wins 24-14.
*My mom says:
The Bulldogs over the Bears: 28-13
*My friend Laura Mims says:
Bulldogs 30
Black Bears 14
*...and poor Tracy (it's all out of love, Tracy!)says
Ole Miss 24
MSU 13
What do you think? You have less than 24 hours to post your prediction!


rosajosa said...

As much as I love the bulldawgs and hate to say it, I think Ole Miss will win. It never fails, if we are awesome and they are terrible, they win. And vice versa. I hope I'm wrong!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but you'll figure out who I am! I do think MSU will win. I will guess 24-14. This will make my husband so happy, but not the rest of the family!!! ;) Have a wonderful day!!!

Tracy~ said...

Can I change my score? I want to change it to 21-17 OLE MISS! We have the home field advantage and we need this win....oh how we need it :)


ABL said...

"rosajosa" has a point, but I'm too much of an optimist to agree. MSU over the Ewoks (Rebel Bears) 34-24, although I hope (if we're able) to run the score up on them like they did to use the last time we played at Ole Miss. Go DAWGS!