Friday, May 28, 2010

Why did I have to come home?

Well....the beach trip I look forward to EVERY YEAR has officially come to an end. Sad. Fear not, though, for I have captured quite a few pics that will help me remember the fun that was had.
I'm assuming, of course, that you want to see these pictures, so here you go!
Girl trip to Orange Beach 2010.
(me, HEGS, Laura Courtenay, and Candi Cockroft)
Lovely view from the balcony. The weather was beautiful...

GTHOM. That's right.
Our first outing...

...and the next night (do I look a LITTLE more tan?)...
and here you have cute, pregnant Heather in her element. (She may quite possibly kill me for this one. Haha).

I'm already ready for NEXT YEAR'S beach trip!!

Here's to the start of summer of the many reasons why I love being a teacher!


Silver Strands said...

Ahhh ... NOTHING beats girl trips!

Katy said...

The pics are great! I know ya'll had a blast. so fun! Enjoy your summer.. look forward to seeing what all you have going on.. =)

Anna Little said...

I am SO pumped that you also know my sweet friend Laura Courtenay :) She is presh. And so are you. What a great pair!

Glad you had fun :) And I LOVE "gthom"

Crystal said...

I love Girls Trips & LULU's...looks like ya'll had a blast!

Trace's Space said...

I'm just now catching up and have a few things to say:

1. love TCBY and I'm glad you got to have some.
2. I'm jealous of your beach trip - it looked perfect
3. there was one beach pic I detested
4. Crystal should have one, but I love Lee, too
5. your whole fam is so cute
6. I hope you have a great summer off!!!

Trace's Space said...

ps - love the new look in here!