Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo, aka, Heather's birthday!

Happy 27th birthday, baby sister Heather!Heather's had a lot happen in the past year. She and Trey have moved to a new city AND they became parents! I think Heather would agree that her 26th year of life was a fun one, but here's to hoping that her 27th will even better!
You probably already feel like you know Heather personally, but I can't go without posting something special about her today, right?
So here you go, Heather, here are 27 reasons you're loved!:
1. You're a brat---but the cute kind of brat!
2. You'll always be my "baby sister" I don't care how many babies you have of your own!
3. You're smart, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. ;)
4. You married a pretty cool guy.
5. You can still perform high school cheers. (The "cool guy" mentioned in #4 isn't such a fan of this).
6. While you may not know how to add, subtract and perform other simple math tasks, you can design a web page like nobody's business.
7. You call me no less than 249 times a day.
8. You're the most indecisive person I've ever met. Sure it can be annoying at times, but it makes you who you are!
9. You remind me of Mom and that's a good thing.
10. You still sleep with "Baby"--(at least when Trey's out of town!).
11. You're a good friend. You have friends all over this country!
12. You have become such a "housewife"! You cook yummy meals for Trey (even though you once left the poppyseed out of Poppyseed Chicken!)
13. You love Mississippi State.
14. You are a "Starkvillian" at heart!
15. You live near the beach.
16. You share my love for dogs.
17. You let me invite myself to visit.
18. You enjoy a margarita as much as your older sisters!
19. You're easy to shop for.
20. You're cute. Even after giving birth.
21. You're so artistic!
22. You're one of the funniest people I've ever known.
23. You have great hair.
24. You can't tell time on an analog clock. You always make me read it for you.
25. You love old people.
26. You blog and everyone knows how much I love a blogger!
27. You're such a natural mommy. I love seeing you with Jones! Thank you for blessing me with a new nephew!
You're a blessing to me and I hope you have the best birthday today!


Melita said...

Okay, so now I'm crying at work! Sweet post BY a sweet daughter ABOUT a sweet daughter! No wonder I'm a proud mama! (And, just in case the OTHER daughter reads this, I think you're sweet, too!)

Jan Johnson said...

Hey, don't make fun of the poppyseedless chicken. . . I don't like poppyseed so I always make poppyseed chicken with no poppyseed! :)

Heather said...

so sweet!! love you!
love, brat-child

Anonymous said... look great in that picture!!! LJLL