Wednesday, June 2, 2010

putting things in perspective.

In the past few days, I have:
  • gotten upset about my finances
  • whined because I'm not happy with my current body weight
  • complained about my hair

Yesterday, I found out that a girl who was a KD with me at State just lost her mom to cancer only a few weeks after giving birth to her mom's first grand baby. In addition, a coworker of mine who got pregnant after struggling with infertility for YEARS, just lost her baby yesterday at 38 weeks. 38 weeks.

WHY? Why was that woman's life taken before she got to experience what it was really like to be a grandmother?

WHY? Why did that couple who so desperately wanted to hold their baby girl and experience parenthood, have to go through such an unimaginable ordeal?

While I believe everything does happen for a reason, it's hard to look at these particular situations and understand why they had to happen.

Today I'm saddened for these 2 families and quickly realizing that those things that bothered me a few days ago, suddenly seem so so very unimportant.

Please add these particular families to your prayer list today. And hopefully, you'll look around today and be thankful for the things and people around you, and ignore the things that are not-so-important. I know I am.


Katy said...

Oh my! It is just so sad to hear about things like that. I often ask, Why about a lot of things that just don't make sense. I will definitly keep those families in my prayer.. such a hard time to have to endure. On another note, did you get the book, Plan B? I am almost done with it and can send you mine if you want to read it.. It is soo good and has really helped me to better understand they why's that we so often ask. It really has helped me a ton through all the infertility. I think you would really like it too. xoxo

Colby and Daniel said...

It is so easy for us to complain and we feel like our problems are so big, but sadly someone always has it worse. I can't imagine my Mom not being here for me and Ainsley and I can't imagine Ainsley not being here. I will pray for your friends.

Jessica said...

I heard about that Laura - please send her my condolences. I can't imagine how heartbreaking. Sometimes I get upset when MC's fussy or has waterfall spit ups all over me, but I'm glad I was reminded today of how lucky I am to HAVE a baby. You're such a good friend to everyone and constantly help me keep my priorities in check! Thanks!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for putting things into perspective. We all know how blessed (spoiled) we are...I just wish it didn't take a tragedy to make us realize it.

rosajosa said...

I so enjoy reading your blog! I often help me to put things into prespective :) Saw you at the funeral home tonight, but you were already headed to your car. It was so sad...