Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, folks. I've almost made it. I'm in the middle of the 11th week of P90X. Doesn't seem like 11 weeks ago when I was beginning the torture, does it? It's a 12 week program, so if you do the math, you'll see that I have only about 1 1/2 weeks remaining.I'm guessing you may have some questions for me, so allow me share the answers of questions you probably want to ask me:
1. Have you enjoyed it?
YES. I wanted to quit the first couple of weeks (as you probably remember), but I stuck with it and glad I did!
2. Would you recommend it?
Yep! I would recommend going into it with goals in mind though. For example--I think the main reason I wanted to do the program is because I was wanting a challenge and wanted to get "fit". I definitely could've handled losing a couple of pounds during the process, but I'd be lying if I said I stuck with the diet that went along with the program-- come to think of it, I never even looked at the diet that goes along with the program. Perhaps I should've eaten less mexican food and more lettuce, but I love me some chips and salsa and that's not something I'm willing to give up. Lack of will power? Maybe, but I would rather consider myself "a fun girl who likes to go out to eat and have fun with her fun friends." Doesn't that sound better?
So, the lbs may not have come off, but I can definitely tell in my muscle tone. In fact, call me crazy, but I may actually start the program over and do it again. I now know what to expect and I think I'll enjoy it more the 2nd time around. (Not to mention the fact that I'm saving $$ on a gym membership!).
3. How do you feel?
Fantastic! For the most part, I've had more energy and just feel better all around.
4. Do you still want to punch Tony in the face?
I sure do! He's a pretty smart guy though, I guess.
5. Did you take before and after pictures?
Yikes. No way. Who wants to take a picture of themselves in a bikini? Not me.
So... are you on the fence about whether or not to take on the challenge?


Katy said...

Proud of you for sticking with it.. I do want to try it.. so, maybe I will this summer.. I need something to kick my butt in gear! ha!

AmyKnight said...

Adam and I just finished day 30. It has been fun doing it together. I too would like to punch Tony Horton especially because now my husband quotes him all of the time (mainly to get on my nerves). I am beginning to see a change in my muscle tone,especially my arms which used to merely twigs, now they are twigs with muscles! Ha!