Saturday, May 15, 2010

a "shower" and a birthday!

For a few months now, I've been so looking forward to a weekend with my dear friends Claire and Meredith. As you probably remember, Claire is currently living in Birmingham, and Meredith and her husband are in Texas. Needless to say, it's very rare to actually spend time with these girls at the same time. Claire and I (along with several others) planned to have a baby shower for Meredith, who's expecting little Madeleine in August! She was expected to fly in from Texas last night, the shower was going to be this morning, and then the 3 of us were going hang out tonight. I've just been so so excited about this weekend I could hardly wait!
Imagine the disappointment we felt when we heard that because of bad weather in the area, Meredith was unable to get a flight out of Texas. She called me from the airport last night IN TEARS because after all of the excitement, she wasn't going to be able to come to her very own baby shower afterall! My heart broke for her as I imagined my sweet, pregnant friend crying alone in an airport. (STUPID WEATHER!!!)
Even though Meredith couldn't technically be at her baby shower, we still wanted to do something for her. A few of the hostesses, along with some of Meredith's sweet family members, were able to get on Skype with her this morning and we got to open some of her presents for her to see. I must say, it was bittersweet because I wanted her THERE, but it really was the next best thing.
Here's a picture of dear Meredith at her "shower" this morning.
..and here's a picture of the 3 of us...
We missed you, Mere!!

On another note, my favorite buddy Max turned 4 today! In case I haven't told you lately, I.LOVE.THIS.DOG. He's such a big boy now!
Happy birthday, dear Max!

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