Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what's not to love?

I have had to rewind this last night because I loved it so much. How in the world is America going to choose?

I know I can't!


Jan Johnson said...

I totally agree. Why can't they have a boy & girl winner?

The Quinns said...

Oooh I can. I love Cystal I truly truly do, but Lee has my heart and my vote(s). Why can't I vote more than once on your poll Laura??? I would so flood it with Lee votes... The duet was great, the two of them together is amazing. So tell me this- do you think Mike went home bc doesn't have the golden locks of Casey? Or is Casey really better?

Trace's Space said...

I really would like Crystal to win, but lee has a crooked little smile that the ladies love.... I think it will be really close!