Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday...

I think it's time for "Not-Me-Monday"! I've made a some Monday confessions one other time before, and thought it was time again! I go:
1. I definitely did NOT spend more than just a couple of hours last night playing this dumb on-line game that I'm now addicted to (thanks a lot, Mandy!). Was there something else I could have been doing to make better use of my time? Absolutely. Not last night though; it was the most important thing in my life at that very moment. I just kept saying "one more game, one more game..."
2. How did I spend my Saturday night you ask? I absolutely did NOT lounge on my couch for hours watching "48 Hours Mystery" on-line. What's wrong with me? I grew up LOVING mystery TV shows: Unsolved Mysteries, America's Most Wanted, Dateline, etc. As a child, I even liked Perry Mason. Odd.
3. I also promise that I did NOT make Puppy Chow for "other people" just so I'd have an excuse to have a bite or 2 or 12.
4. I not only did NOT download Mariah Carey's Christmas album to my Itunes, but I also did NOT jam to it while running down Main Street this morning. Nope.
5. Finally, my clean, neat OCD self did NOT leave 3 loads of clean , unfolded laundry in the basket for more than a couple of days. My reason for not folding and putting away: I just didn't feel like it! (Or either I was too busy with activities 1 and 2 mentioned in this post!).
So...what have you NOT done lately?


Ford Family said...

I definitely did NOT put up my Christmas tree and plug it in last night to my husband's dismay and horror!

Wade's World said...

I definitely did NOT link over to that game and have most definitely NOT been playing it for over an hour now. Thanks a lot!

Alison said...

I liked Perry Mason when I was little too. I have to admit, if I could lounge on the sofa and watch it now I probably still would :)