Saturday, November 28, 2009

a wonderful week off, a fantastic Thanksgiving, and AN EGG.

First and foremost--HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I have basically been in heaven for the past week. I was able to sleep in, work at MINT a little, spend a whole lot of time with my family, and see a dear friend who I haven't seen in a really really long time.
Did I take pics of such events? Why yes I did. want to see them? Ok you go!
WARNING: photo overload! Enjoy!
Pics from Thanksgiving Day:
me and Henry
my aunt and several of my fun cousins
me and the b-i-l, Trey me and my cousin Adelia
me and my Mamaw
Mom and her 2 sisters
me and the preggo sis!
A few other pics taken during the week:
Nana and Heather
Precious boy
I was also able to hang out with my friend Nelson this week. He and I have been best friends since 8th grade and I always enjoy hanging out with this guy. He is in the Air Force and is stationed in California, which, in my opinion, is just way way too far away from here (but he didn't really ask my opinion). His family lives in Columbus, so he was in town during for Thanksgiving! I was so very glad to see him some, but sad to see him go! :(And FINALLY.............The infamous "EGG" is back in Starkville where it belongs!
Henry and 2 of my cute cousins, Braden and Cooper. How cute are these bulldogs??
Mississippi State: 41
Ole Miss: 27

It's been a fantastic day to be a bulldog!

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Cager & Maris said...

Aww Nelson! I was wondering what he was up too.. glad to see you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

-Maris Garner