Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Every morning at school, I write a journal prompt on the board and when the students finish their morning work, they're to take out their journals and write. I love letting them read their journals to me because I enjoy seeing what's going through their little minds. :) This morning the journal prompt was "What are you thankful for?"
One particular entry caught my attention--not just for the wonderful sentence writing it contained but also the content that was included. I was so touched when I read it, that I took him down to the principal and let him read it to her. She then made a copy of it to share with others. I'm going to type what he wrote exactly how he wrote it, so obviously, I don't want anybody criticizing the spelling/grammar here! :)
Here you go:

"I am thankful for the teachers I have they are kind and respecful. I am thankful for what God gave me. I am thankful for my mom and my dad for taking cre of me and teaching me to do write. I am thankful for my friends for believing in me for everything I do. I am thankful for God for taking care of the rich and poor everyday. I am thankful for Miss T. and Miss Marquita for teaching me and I know they work hard. I am thankful for my grandmother every time I cry she makes me feel better. I am thankful for God for giving us food and clothes and our life and we should prase him everyday." -Jamori, age 8

Precious, precious, precious.

Now that you know what this sweet 8 year old little boy is thankful for, I want to ask...what are YOU thankful for today?


Wade's World said...

What a sweet kid!

I'm thankful that despite how hard things can be in life sometimes, that God has never once let me down!

I'm also thankful for family and friends. I do have a pretty sweet life!

Melita said...


I'm thankful for my family and that even though I don't deserve it, God loves me!

AnnaLittle said...

I could cry. He is awesome.

This space is too small to list all the blessings I've been given by the Good Lord!

Trace's Space said...

this made me tear up. I've been sad lately and this just was maybe God's way of showing me that I have many things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my boys who are such the perfect gift for me.

I am thankful for this beautiful weather.

I am thankful for my dog who makes me laugh and smile many times over each day.

I'm thankful for Jamori and for you for him writing this and for you posting it.

Lee Herrin said...

I am thankful that there are teachers like you that make kids stop and think about what they are thankful for.
Such a sweet post!
(I still keep up with your blog, even though I have completely FAILED at keeping mine updated...I will eventually get back to blogging but in the meantime I love to read yours :) )

Heather said...

sweet little boy. I hope you gave him an A!!
I am thankful for you, too, yaya!!

Alison said...

So sweet! Today I'm thankful for my kiddos - enjoying playing with them this morning :)

Jessica said...

Holy crap.... your kids can write sentences. How did you do that? haha. Seriously though, what an adorable entry. Its so refreshing to see a child so aware of God and his love for us!!

Ashley said...

I am thankful that one time you posted the most awesome oatmeal, chocolate-chip, peanut butter cookie recipe in the whole wide world. I just made some this afternoon! And I still haven't written down the recipe for myself so every time I make them I have to look back through your 2008 archives.