Wednesday, November 4, 2009

not really loving the whole "time change" thing...

I'm a very routine person...I eat breakfast at 6, lunch at 11:45, and ideally I like to eat dinner around 6. I guess my child dog has picked up on some of his mommy's character traits...

He eats EVERY night at 5:00. And don't worry...if it's after 5, he'll LET ME KNOW. Today he starting telling me that he was hungry around 4 (and YES, he does TELL me when he's hungry!). I finally realized that his little 8 lb body hasn't quite adjusted to the time change!

Take a look. I just think he's the cutest thing here.

Oh...and uh..go ahead and ignore my whiny, high pitched annoying voice. If you've been around Max, you know that the higher your voice, the more he tilts his head! :)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I did feed him a little early. I mean, how could I say "no" to that? :)


Anonymous said...

aaaaaah that is so stinking cute! my dog does the same thing - he tilts his head when you talk to him. i love it. what a cute dog you have.

laura mcwhirter

Heather said...


Sophie's eating habits are anything but normal. Sometimes she doesn't eat until 10 at night.

is it possible our dogs act like their mamas??

Trace's Space said...

Max is adorable.... I love the head tilt!