Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hi. My name is Laura and I'm KLUTZ. Nice to meet you.

So, last night, I ran into this:

...and now my toe FOOT looks like this!

I'm going to need your help here. When people ask "So, how did you break your toe?" I'm going to need to come up with something better than "Oh, I just ran into A CHAIR IN MY LIVING ROOM!"

Got any good stories I could tell them that might make them believe I was actually doing something somewhat constructive?

Thanks for your help.

I guess I'm going to not run today.

Bah humbug.


Silver Strands said...

Yowch! How about you saw a bus speeding down the street just as an old woman started to cross. You took off running and gave the bus a good swift kick, knocking it high into the air; picked up the old woman, rushed her to safety, then zipped back in time to catch the bus and set it back on the road again ...


Jared and Brandy Verwiel said...

This is hysterical. I did the same thing, but I was just walking down the stairs...sheesh! P.S. I really like the story above!

Hope said...

A few things now that I'm finally getting caught up on your blog:

1. So sorry about your toe! Ouch! I dropped something on my big toe last week and it bruised up, and I thought I would die. That's not even close to your pain, though. Aahh!!

2. Such cute pictures of your nephews! I am loving seeing mine this summer, too!

3. Tim definitely needs facial hair.

4. I loved The Blind Side, too! Sandra Bullock is my fav.

5. TCBY and them both!

6. I like your professional look! Don't worry about spending money on it! If Kev wasn't good at that and I didn't like changing my blog look up for holidays, I'd do the same!

Happy Summer!!!