Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my week...

So, I've spent my week looking at this face:(and I'm actually the proud photographer of this perfect picture!)

I've loved every second of my week in Gulfport with Trey, Heather, and Jones this week, and I'm so very sad about leaving tomorrow.

I also want to give my hats off to you stay at home moms out there. Of course I know and I've heard that staying at home with your children is no simple task, but I've witnessed Heather doing it, and wow---I'm worn out from it and I'm not even the mom here!

Bravo, S.A.H.Ms. Bravo.


gtown1 said...

Thanks Laura...
I guess I consider myself a SAHM (well 5 out of the 7 days) and then a single mom during football season (insert sad face).
So thanks for the kudos it is the hardest job one will ever have that's for sure, esp. with more than one geezums! But I do hear the more you have the easier since they will play together and not want you to constantly play with them. Say hey--tell H&T to get to it for Jones to have a sibling. :)
Safe travels home--come back soon!
PS- let's get on the kd reunion Summer 2011 on the Coast! :) I'm serious...who wouldn't want an excuse to come to the beach for a little getaway?

Silver Strands said...

Ditto. The best people in the world are stay-at-home-moms!

Ford Family said...

He is a doll!! I have loved being a SAHM, but I am, however, ready to get back into the classroom. Ask me if I feel the same way in September? :)

Aunt Darlene said...

This picture of Jones is my new computer wallpaper at work! It's great!

Jan Johnson said...

Thanks for the compliments. . . the best & hardest job ever! You do a pretty fantastic difficult job too though!