Saturday, June 19, 2010

she's like NO OTHER!

If you're a blog follower, you hear me speak of my big sister Kristen often (she's the mother of my sweet nephew, Henry!). My sisters are my best friends, so a majority of my blogging includes those girls!
Anyway, maybe you recall me blogging a little about her journey through medical school and then through residency. Well, friends, I'm happy to say that those days for her have come to an end! Last night I was fortunate to be able to attend a "Residency Graduation??" dinner for her and her (obviously brilliant) classmates.
There's no way I could be any more proud of this girl. She not only managed to complete her OBGYN residency, but she somehow found a way to balance school and her family (while spending time with her friends whenever she had a free second. These past 8 years have been anything but easy for her, but she DID IT.
Did I mention how proud I am of her?
I know, without a doubt in my mind, that I could've never done what she's done. EVER.
I'm also beyond thrilled about the fact that she, Rob, and Henry will be moving to Starkville in just a couple of weeks! YAY! Kristen will soon begin work at the Women's Clinic here, and Rob will join me in the Starkville School District, where he'll be teaching high school science. I just can't wait!
Back to last night... here are a few pictures.
Kristen looked gorgeous-and can you tell how happy she is?Kris and Rob
Nana, Mom, Kris, Daddy, and me. We missed you, Skaggs family!
Kris and some of her smart friends! Isn't Kristen's dress STUNNING?
Mom, Dad, and Kris!
Nana and Kris--obviously.
I realize we look nothing alike, but I promise we really are sisters! :) I'm her biggest fan.
Aren't they pretty?Some very brave guys in her class who have put up with her all these years!

Making her speech. Again--I was proud.
Congratulations, Dr. Fyke!


Heather said...

you look hot.
and i am really going to need to lose weight and borrow kristen's dress.
wish we could have been there

gtown1 said...

Congratulations Kristen! What a long journey you've been on. Simply amazing being a Mommy for 3 of those years, and not to mention 10 mos. are superwoman! I remember your smarts in the KD house and knew you'd go far. What an accomplishment. I hope to run into you either in Starkville or on the coast sometime. Blessings! EJ (Elizabeth Williams)

Anonymous said...

Yay, Kristen! You have worked so hard---you deserve all the best...
You looked so pretty in those pictures. I'm also proud for your parents, too. They have been with you all the way--along with Rob, Henry, Laura, Kristen and Nana
Don't forget,you're my 24 hour on call doc---JUST KIDDING