Monday, June 14, 2010

it's all in the bag!!

Heather posted this on her blog the other day and tagged me to do the same..thought it looked like fun. Plus, I figured it would be a great time to show off my new fantastic red purse! (I think Oprah says every woman should have a red purse--or-- maybe I just made that up...).
I got this at a cute boutique when I was at the beach a few weeks ago. I thought I "needed" it as a summer gift to myself and I justified it by saying that my previous purse was purchased at the beach a year earlier.
So you see? I really did need it, right?

ANYWAY, here's what you'll find in my cute bag!

1. Wallet--obviously. And if there's anybody out there who wants to rob somebody, don't choose me. You'll be highly disappointed by what you won't find in there (and I carry mace).

2. Hand sanitizer--it's my bff. And until you work with children everyday, don't criticize me for my obsessive use of this great product!

3. Gum--I always have at least one pack of Orbit! I'm an obsessive gum-chewer!

4. Green sharpie--there's really no explanation for this one. I love sharpies and green is my favorite color, so I guess I feel like I just need it in my purse. I don't know.

5. Keys. Duh.

6. Lotion--it's from Bath and Body Works too. I love it.

7. My lanyard, keys, and school ID badge--hmmm...I won't be needed that for several more weeks. I suppose I could keep that somewhere else until then.

8. My worn out, embarrassingly ugly Bobbi Brown make up bag which contains approximately 50 different lipsticks, glosses and chapstick. I'm kinda into summery pinks right now. (Side note: Bobbi Brown is really good about sending free lipstick/lipgloss samples when you order other products from them! Just saying!).

9. Camera--I always have it with me. I have to be prepared for any mullet that may come my way.

10. Bobby Pins--couldn't live without them!

Ok....Katey, Katy, Candy, Hope, MSKS (who was also tagged by my sis), Claire, and whoever else wants to join in on the fun's your turn now!


Silver Strands said...

The contents of my bag are way too sloppy to post! (LOVE your bag)

Katy said...

You are too cute.. love the bag.. and love Orbit.. I promise I'm not trying to copy you but I have some Orbit in my purse too! =) Great minds like alike. My first tag.. yeah... I'll post mine later. =) have a great day! I wish you were closer!

Hope said...

Yay for being tagged! I'll be sure to do it soon. By the way, I changed the address for our blog--instead of hopes_happenings, it is now!