Friday, June 4, 2010

facial hair or no facial hair?...THAT is the question.

So, I pretty much love country music (shoutout to my George!). I'm occasionally willing to listen to other genres, but my heart belongs to country--I can't lie.
I wouldn't say I'm a huge Tim McGraw fan (Adelia?), but I've seen him in concert and I really do like him. He's talented, entertaining, and yes...very sexy.
If you know me well, you know that when it comes to guys I choose to date, I'm generally not physically attracted to the country type---cowboy hats, twangy voices, "scruffy" faces, etc. In fact, more times than not, you'll find me attracted to the complete opposite---well dressed, clean shaven, etc.

I'm not sure about this one though.

Candy and I watched "The Blind Side" last night (ummm...BRAVO to Sandra Bullock for that Oscar-winning performance!!), and I'm going to be honest...Tim McGraw's clean shaven, "I look like every other guy" look did nothing for me.
Ironic, huh?

What do you think?



Silver Strands said...

for me: scruffy faces! Hands down.
Have a great weekend :)

Nan said...

He def. needs the facial hair, the hat, and the wranglers!

Colby and Daniel said...

Scuffy cowboy is much better w/ hat!

Trace's Space said...

Scruffy faces are best!

Adelia said...

He is sooooo HOT with that facial hair and cowboy hat! I love him!!!