Sunday, October 24, 2010

weekend recap and my challenge: DAY 3!

Well, between being sick the entire weekend (I'm witholding details on that-you can thank me later!) and watching MSU barely beat UAB (becoming bowl eligible!), I slacked on blogging for the weekend. So, forgive me for skipping a couple of days with the challenge. Don't get too excited, though, because today's challenge is not one full of excitement for me. Still, I agreed to complete the "challenge," so I'm not going to just ignore it altogether!
Day 3: Your first love.
My first love is still a dear person to me. He was a dear friend of mine first and foremost and he's the only person I've ever really loved. I miss him often, but look forward to the day when God brings me someone who I will love (and who will love me!) even more!
(...Now back to MSU...) :)

Did I mention that we're now bowl-eligible? Because we are! And our record of 6-2 is our longest winning streak since 1999--my freshman year of college! Go dawgs!

Here's a glimpse of my favorite game of that season (and quite possibly one of the best games I've ever witnessed!)

....and this one was a close second (mainly because I enjoy watching Tuberville cry...)

So, today, rather than asking you to share your "first love" with me, I'm going to ask you State fans out there this question: What game do you think of most when you think about that "Comeback Season" back in 1999?


Heather said...

I was probably wearing one-shoulder backless shirt to the '99 egg bowl.


Michael and Mary Beth said...

Auburn! I remember watching it with my daddy. Mom got mad and went to bed, but we waited it out! He even pulled out the cowbell and rang it when we won!

gtown1 said...

Altought the Auburn game was simply amazing...nothing beats snatching a last minute win against Ole Miss on Thanksgiving night on ESPN. Hands down!

Gets me excited. No offense to Dan and this years team, but these were the days! Just electric...maybe because I was on the sideline cheering but still it's hard to beat these games.

Thanks for the memories Laura--ejw