Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love a challenge.

According to cute Jessica, all of the "cool" people are taking on this 30 day blog challenge. Since I like to think I'm pretty cool, I'm going to go ahead and jump on this train. Won't you join me?

DAY 1: Introduce yourself, include a recent picture, and tell 15 facts about yourself.
Since I've been blogging for nearly 4 years, I feel that an "introduction" is not necessary. Allow me to move on the a recent picture. Naturally, I chose a picture of me with my 2 favorite little guys--my sweet nephews.

...and 15 facts you don't already know about me? Hmmm....I'll give it a try.

1. I'm terrified of 18 wheelers. If I'm next to one on the highway, I hold my breath and put the pedal to the metal to get around that sucker.

2. I tivo Dr. Phil every day. I wish he and I were friends.

3. I adore big earrings.

4. I love watching real life murder mysteries (ex. 48 Hours Mystery, Unsolved Mysteries, Dateline, etc). I can record them, watch them alone at night, and not be scared. Some people think that's strange, and, well....I'm not sure I disagree with them.

5. If I had and endless amount of money, I would have a house decorated in Pottery Barn, a wine cellar, and every article of clothing I owned would be from Anthropologie. Oh...and you would get really nice gifts from me, too.

6. I'm one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet. I'm also one of the most die hard MSU fans you'll ever meet. More than likely, if you're NOT a state fan, I will trash talk your team. Don't try to trash talk mine though, or you will see me get really mad.

7. I enjoyed college, but I would never go back.

8. I have had 5 roommates in my life. Loved them all.

9. I've been a bridesmaid 1,672 MANY times. I love my friends!

10. My legs are covered in ant bite scars I got when I was 2. I'm not quite as self conscious about them as I used to be. Want to see them? Just ask.

11. I have never smoked a cigarette (or anything else for that matter).

12. While I love summer because I'm a teacher, "weather-wise," summer is my least favorite season.

13. I would love to be a stay at home mom one day.

14. "How Great Thou Art" is my favorite hymn. (Heard Carrie Underwood sing it? Chill bumps.).

15. I enjoy making fun of Ole Miss' new mascot, "Black Bears".

Stay tuned for challenge #2!

Anybody going to join me?


The Andersons said...

I blogged about this last night--I'm probably going to start in a few days!

TheDearmanFamily said...

I like your facts :)

Jessica said...

Glad you jumped on board, friend. You are officially cool now ;)

Tracy~ said...

I'm working my way through my 30 day challenge that has quickly turned into a 60 day challenge. my new blog is

I'm going to have to say that my trash talking about MSU is going to ramp up..... if y'all would just LOSE!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget jumping on the hair dryer plug, Ya Ya!!! Mrs. K

rosajosa said...

Okay, okay...where do I find the list of topics for the 30 day challenge. I enjoyed yours so much you got me hooked!

Mel Tales said...

I am joining in on the challenge! I have missed blog land. :o)