Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 day blog challenge- DAY 7

Day 7: Favorite Movies
It's ironic that my challenge of today is choosing a favorite movie, because the cast of my favorite movie was actually on Oprah today!
While I often say that I have "so many favorite movies," There's really just no movie like this classic:

My sisters and I have loved The Sound of Music since we were little girls, and it's still my absolute favorite of all time. In fact, I doubt you would want to ever watch this movie with me because I will quote it from beginning to end. And that's no joke.

I recorded Oprah today, and I'm just now watching it (I've been looking forward to it for WEEKS!), and seriously-this is Oprah's best show to date. Seeing the VonTrapps together again is just doing something good to my soul. I've had chill bumps throughout the entire show. I don't want it to end.
Oh how I love this movie.
Today's question: Do you have a favorite movie of all time? What is it?


Kelli said...

I got to see the cast reunion on Oprah today too! Loved it. Avi Grace LOVES the Sound of Music. She watched it for the first time at my mom's house over a year ago, and for a long time she couldn't go to my mom's house without asking to watch "the children." She had her favorite parts that we would have to fast forward and rewind to every time! So much fun. A classic. Glad you were able to record and watch today!

Claire said...

Um, yeeAH!!

"I'm going to marry Miss Sarah Davis and GIVEHERTHISRING."

Nancy said...

Gone with The Wind ..I think The Sound of Music comes in second for me!

Anisa said...

Steel Magnolias! And I just started doing this challenge too!

Aisha said...

LOVED Sound of Music!