Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MY "wishlist Wednesday"!

I'm copying my BFF here. I look forward to her "Wish-list Wednesdays" every single week!
Unlike MSKS, I don't plan on making this a weekly thing for a few reasons:
1. My posts could never compare to MSKS's. She's really cute. I love her, but don't want to be her copycat friend.
2. I would feel pressure to post something cute and fun every Wednesday, and I just can't commit to doing that.
I do have a few things on my wish list this Wednesday, though.

1. I wish I could pull off a look like this one. (Or should I say that I wish I could afford a look like this one?)

2. I'm thinking I'm going to need a pair of these for the fall. I've contemplated on buying them for a few weeks now. Is that a sign that I just need to do it?

3. I wish I had a sign similar to this one to hang in my classroom. And moms, how precious would this be in a child's room or bathroom? I love this.
4. And finally, I wish I was somewhere like this...
...or this...

What are your wishes today??


Tracy~ said...

My wish would be to be in that hammock in the last picture. Or back in Florida :)

mary straton said...

thanks for the shout-out, yaya! how come "yaya" is not very prominent in your blog? that's my wish - that the word "yaya' would be in little places throughout. like where's waldo.

PS - just get the TOMS already. jeez. they're awesome.

Heather said...

for you to come see jones...NOW!

Anonymous said...

You go, girl..Buy the Tom's. Mrs. K.