Thursday, October 21, 2010

Challenge- Day 2

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name
I don't really think there's a real meaning behind "My Little Life." I'm an almost-30-year-old single female. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my town. I love my job. I love my dog. And I love to blog.
I have a great (but fairly simple!) life. My blog is about my life and my thoughts. "My Little Life" fits me just perfectly I think! =)
I'm always interested to know how people come up with titles for their blogs.
So....hat's the meaning behind yours?


Tracy~ said...

mine means I should be famous!

Claire said...

I'm skeptical about this 30 day challenge. Should I or shouldn't I? Then I would have to tell the story behind MY blog name, and well, I like the intrigue of leaving it a mystery.


Marty Cooper said...

First of all, Claire's is a quote from Dumb & Dumber. Duh.

Mine is from a song by Dave Matthew's Band.