Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 3 and a hobby maybe?

I love Haley. I love Scotty. I love Lauren.

I'm not sure what's going to happen here. If you had asked me 2 hours ago, I would've told you that I was convinced that Haley would get the boot after tonight, but did you see her performances? She just has such a unique voice, and I like her.

Now, Scotty? He's the cutie pie country music singer. I'm a sucker for artists like Jake Owen and Josh Turner. There's just something a little sexy about a guy who can reach those low notes. Whether he wins this competition or not, he'll be successful. No doubt.

And I would have to say that out of the 3, Lauren has been the most consistent. I fell in love with her when I first saw her audition. While her voice is amazing, I'm worried that she may not have that unique touch it takes to win the competition. Still--she was amazing tonight!

I have been unable to vote, because if I did, I would probably have to vote for them equally, and that just doesn't make much sense, now does it?What's going to happen tomorrow night?

Aren't you excited about the season finale next week? I am!


Now, what is this hobby that I speak of?

Well...that's where I need your help.

You may recall my previous post: 30 things I learned in my 20s. Number 20 on my list stated that I think everyone should have a hobby or 2, and I mentioned that I wanted to turn over a new leaf now that I'm 30. I think I'd like to step out on a limb and learn how to do something new this summer. I am pretty active, so I'm not really wanting to learn how to play a new sport or anything that requires physical activity. (Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm too old to take up soccer or gymnastics).
I'm actually leaning more along the lines of something "crafty"--like sewing, knitting, monogramming (though I'm afraid it may be too expensive), etc. --- or possibly even something musical. I'm no singer, nor do I own any musical instrument, but I do think that it would be fun to learn how to play the guitar or re-learn how to play the piano.

I just want to find something that I enjoy doing during any free time I may have during my summer. I'd like to find something that is relaxing and fun and NOT anything that's too stressful! :) I also can't afford for my "new hobby" to cost too much money, so I'm sure that's going to put a limit on some things too.

How can you help me decide how to spend my summer?


Lindsey B said...

I am a huge fan of photography! Taking pictures, shooting in manual, composition, editing, and such is so exciting to me (nerd alert)!

And, you would have precious subjects in your niece and nephew!

Or, what about blog designs? It is a hobby that could generate some income!

I'm hoping Scotty and Haley are in the finale!

Jan Johnson said...

Sewing or learning how to applique is great! You could easily learn how to zig-zag applique, and people make good money selling it! :) You can get a decent machine for like $100 or maybe even find a used one for less than that!

Silver Strands said...

1st: I completely agree with everything you said about the hopeful Idols.

2nd: You are NOT too old to take up a physical hobby! 30-ish?! Sheesh!

3rd: How about learning to spin? It's relaxing, rewarding, and productive.

ABL said...

My vote would be learn to knit. I've heard it's soothing and you can do it anywhere/anytime and not for that much money. It's something I've been wanting to pick up too :)

The Stringers said...

I have lots of opinions here...(imagine that)
1. Scotty is going to win.
2. I don't like Haley.
3. Appliquing/Monogramming is lots of fun, BUT it is expensive. You can get a good machine for a couple hundred dollars, but you will spend double that on supplies, then want to stock up on cute fabric. NOT an inexpensive hobby in my opinion!
4.If you are interested in blog design as someone suggested, maybe you should make me a new header..Smith is a year old in the one I have now!:(
5. My suggestion for your summer hobby? Couponing! Its lots of fun, a little time consuming, and very rewarding! That feeling at the counter when they start scanning all your coupons is GREAT! PLUS....THIS is NOT an expensive hobby! It's just the opposite! Check out
to get started!!!
Good luck on whatever you decide!!!

Tracy~ said...

I want Lauren to win. She is precious.

take up zumba - it's fun :)

Tricia said...

Knitting! Molly just learned and she is pretty much knitting stuff non-stop. She knits while watching tv, and she has already sold a lot of the stuff she's made. win-win!

Kimberly said...

Monogramming and photography - Henry and Jones are perfect for both - and new baby Laura Kimberly. They can help spread the word when you use those adorable monogrammed outfits in your pictures! :)

CreationsForEleanor said...

So I came a across your blog a long time and have been a lurker for some time. However, today I have to comment! Sew or craft can be so cheap, really! There are so many great blogs with incredible affordable ideas! And you can get an affordable machine, especially a refurbished. Anyway, that is two cents from a long time lurker

Anna Little Morris said...

Use Tricia for inspiration and do photography! Or gardening... buy seeds instead of plants and it's much less expensive!! Plus you can enjoy the outside while you do it... coming from someone who has to WORK during the sweet summertime!!!

I. Loved. Haley. So sad she went home.