Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have NO clue...

...who is going to win this thing!

I usually have a slight intuition as to who will win the title, but I really just don't know this year.

Before tonight, I was kinda thinking it would be Scotty (after all, his idol is George Strait!), but did you watch the show tonight? Lauren totally rocked it.

So, not only is tomorrow my very last day to report to school until August, but it's also the season finale of American Idol!

I can't wait.

Lauren? Scotty? Hurry! It's the last chance to make your predictions!


Jan Johnson said...

This is only my 2nd year to watch it, but I too have no clue! I'm no fan of country music, but how can you not love these two down-home kids?

Foreign Languages Made Easy said...

Lauren is the only one who could potentially beat Scotty and win it all. I predict it's going to be a very intense finale. For those who are already celebrating that Scotty's got it in the bag... think it over :)

Tracy~ said...

I want lauren to win but think Scotty will. I think they are both great! I love that both of their favorite quotes are Bible verses :)