Sunday, May 22, 2011

a special day!

Happy birthday to my lovely mom!When it's one of my loved one's birthday, I sometimes like to make a list of the appropriate number of reasons why I love that particular person (ex. if it's your 27th birthday, I may make a list of 27 reasons why I love you!). Since I'm pretty sure my mom would not want me to disclose her age on my blog, I'm just going to make a list of 22 things that I love about her. You know...since it's May 22nd. Don't get me wrong. Given the opportunity, I could come up with eleventy billion reasons why I love her, but I'll limit it for now.

Here you go!

1. She's an all around beautiful person. If you think she's pretty on the outside, you should see what she's like on the inside!

2. What a giving person she is! If you look in the dictionary under the word "selfless," you will see a picture of my mom.

3. She sings beautifully.

4. She cooks fabulously.

5. She's my mom, 3rd sister, and best friend all in one. I don't spend time with her because I feel like I have to. I choose to spend time with her.

6. She sets an amazing example to EVERYBODY she encounters.

7. She's the best grandmother to those sweet boys, and oh how they love their "Lita"!

8. The definition of the word love is: "Seeking the best for others regardless of its cost to you." Yep. That's my mom.

9. She stood in the heat to support me during my half marathon a couple of years ago and didn't complain once. She hates to sweat.

10. She's calm. ALWAYS. You should spend time with her whenever you're stressed.

11. She listens.

12. She is Max's 2nd favorite person. He loves her.

13. She helps me do does my taxes for me EVERY YEAR.

14. She's a huge sports fan and loves the bulldogs as much as I do!

15. She's the most perfect person I know.

16. She's organized. Beyond description.

17. She's the smartest person I know. She's the 4.0 highschool valedictorian, who can beat anybody at Jeopardy. (Thanks for my brains, Dad! :))

18. She and my dad have set the ultimate example of what a Christian-based marriage looks like.

19. She knows every word to every hymn in a Baptist Hymnal, and can quote scriptures from the Bible like nobody I've ever seen.

20. She's my role model. You can probably understand that after reading #1-19.

21. She loves her family more than life itself.

22. She's the

Happy birthday mommy!


gaylerhoades said...

You bring tears to my eyes when you talk about your Mom. She IS everything you said, but, MORE!!!!!

Melita said...

While it is a little (no, a LOT) embarrassing to read things like this about myself; and while I am FAR from perfect, it still makes me happy that my daughter feels this way about me and is able to write about it so unashamedly! Thanks, Laura; I love you, too!

Tracy~ said...

tears.... Happy Birthday, Melita!