Sunday, May 22, 2011

attention all prayer warriors!

Prayer request:

A coworker of mine and her family were involved in a serious car accident yesterday, resulting in the death of her 11 year-old son. She and another one of her sons were airlifted to Jackson with serious injuries. I've been told that their conditions are serious, but that the doctors expect them both to make a slow, but complete recovery. Thank God.

She's a wonderful person, and a fantastic teacher assistant. The 11 year-old who lost his life was a reading student of mine several years ago. I remember him being a good kid who loved his mom!

Pray for the recovery of Ms. Gandy and her son, and for the entire family is they cope with the tragic loss of Ms. Gandy's youngest son. Click here for more info.

Tomorrow is the last day with my 2nd graders, and you better believe my students will leave my classroom tomorrow knowing just how much they're loved.

This is such a sad, sad situation that reminds me how short life can be.

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Tracy~ said...

that is so sad.... my prayers go out for them.