Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my life changed 26 years ago today!

Not only is today a day to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but it's also my baby sister's 26th birthday! Heather is the subject of many of my blog posts, and chances are, if you read my blog, you're a reader of hers too.
I have compiled a list of reasons-A to Z- why it's so easy to love this girl. Much of what you'll read may not be new to you, but allow me to simply remind you of what a special person Heather is!
Aunt! We have a pretty dang cute nephew too!

Best friend to many. This isn't even half of them.

Creative! She made these for Henry's nursery soon after he was born.

Die hard Mississippi State fan! And don't try to convert her. It won't work.

Effortlessly beautifuly. Yep..she's one of those people we all hate--the one who can go without make up and STILL turn heads. So not fair.

FUN. In fact, she's one of the most fun people I know.

GORGEOUS future child. See what I mean? ;)

Happy child (who happened to LOVE our Dada!)

INDECISIVE. Unlike anything I've ever seen. Click here to catch a glimpse of this.

Joy. Her middle name that fits her to a "t". She has the ability make others HAPPY without even trying.

Kreativ. Not only is Heather a truly CREATIVE blogger, but I also chose this for "k" because she CAN'T STAND it when things are misspelled. Click here to read more about this. She's so funny.

Little sister (to a couple of pretty great big sisters, I might add!)

MAINE! Where Trey and Heather both consider their 2nd home.

Nicknamed "brat child" (the picture says it all here).

One amazing husband! It makes me happy to see how much Trey loves my sister (he pulls off bowties well, too!)
Picture poser! No explanation needed.
Quesadilla lover (or any Mexican food for that matter!)--just like me! Resembles our sweet mom. That's a good thing. Oh, she was named after my mom, too (they share the same middle name, Joy).
Sophie. Her child of course!
Two-piece prom dresses (Sorry you had to be included here, Tricia!).

Unintimidated by security men

Video created...just for her a couple of years ago! Click here to see!

Wears camo...well, only when forced to!

eXtraodinary singer!

Years old: 26! Zoos! I wasn't just searching for a "z" here! This girl loves zoos more than most children.

You're loved by so so many!


Heather said...

AHHHH!!!! I LOVE IT!!! You are the best!! Ha! So creative (NOT Kreative!)
Wish you could drink a grita with me tonight!!

Luke & Amanda said...

that was so fun, and so true!!! i wish i could drink a rita with her tonight...and wear a sombrero of course!!

Nan said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday, Heather!

BTW, making fun of her for the two piece prom dress will never get old.

Tricia said...

I am CRACKING UP over here! What a hilarious post Laura- you did a great job. My favorites are the photoshopped Die hard pic and the Unintimidated by Security- how funny is that.

And I will never be ashamed of my trashy two-piece prom dress. I worked it. Heather- be proud of those ABS!

The Robertsons said...

That post was awesome! Happy birthday, Heather!