Friday, May 15, 2009

Max is 3!!!!

My best buddy turns 3 today! I'm going to refrain from posting an A-Z list about this little guy, because I don't want any one to call me names (you know, like "psycho," "crazy dog lady," etc). BUT, if you're a loyal reader to my blog, you know that Max has been through a lot with me. I look at him everyday and think about how happy he makes me! If you have a pet, you probably understand. This is the picture I always use when talking about Max. In fact, I think it's the only decent picture I have of me holding him. This was taken the day I got him. He was only a few weeks old. I fell in love with him immediately. :)
And all of you single people out there who live by yourselves: GET A DOG. I've preached this several times on the blog, but I'm serious. It's life changing.
He's 21 in people years. That means he's legal. Think I should put a little something in his water bowl? ;) I don't know; maybe that would make me a bad mom.
Happy birthday little guy!


Heather said...

for your birthday you can buy me something pink.
come rub my belly.
xoxo - Sophie

sorry, my child is so selfish. happy birthday, max. love, Aunt Heather

Melanieshea said...

LOL...You are a a good way!

Trace's Space said...

Happy Birthday, Max!

Adelia said...

I'm so glad you have Max and love him so much but as a fellow single person I do not want a dog. Don't judge just respect my choice! ha