Monday, April 20, 2009

TWO birthday shout outs!

I think April is one of the busiest birthday months on my calendar year.
I love the month of April and I love celebrating birthdays so I guess it only makes sense!
ANYWAY, 2 very important men in my life celebrate birthdays! Yesterday was my Uncle Bobby's (50th!!!) birthday and today is my dad's big day. My dad was 6 when Bobby was born, and since that day, they've basically shared every birthday together!
They are complete opposites of each other, but they're very close and enjoy spending time with each other. In fact, they take an annual golf trip with friends and it's this weekend. Listening to them talk about this every year is like listening to 2 kids talk about Santa. Seriously. And last night, while opening their birthday presents, they would have to stop and admire every single golf ball they received. It's also quite amusing to listen to them talk about the "snacks" they're going to pack for the car. Pitiful really. :)(notice a resemblance at all? :) )


(....not that either of them actually reads my blog!...)


Faith(ful) Reader said...

From the photo, it looks like the guys got birthday "pies" instead of birthday cakes--that is so cool. When my mother was still living, I used to get caramel pie for my birthday instead of a cake, and it was the bomb!

Trace's Space said...

Happy Birthday to your dad and uncle - they could be twins!

Ashley Jessie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Tommy! He looks so young. Men and their toys! I love it.

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