Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Belding

Well. I did it. I met Mr. B. The pictures (and sweet video) basically speak for themselves. I'm also quite positive the Em will do a complete recap of the night, so you need to be sure to check out her blog. For those of you unfortunate souls who have never had the opportunity to meet Mr. B, let me tell you that you're truly missing out. What a comedy act he is indeed. My only complaint: He didn't do karaoke.

Oh, here's Em...she went on stage for some SBTB trivia and OF COURSE she knocked everyone's socks off. Duh. Here she is after receiving her free autographed copy of the cast. Those competitors didn't know who they were dealing with.

...look at the excitement on her face. And of could I resist my very own autographed copy? I will keep this in a very safe lock box to ensure that nothing ever happens to it.
Here's to my last day of school before a nice looong weekend! Happy Thursday!


Heather said...

Everything about this is so strange.
He has packed on a few lbs since SBTB days, eh?
Emily's face is hysterical. I bet that pic. will be framed and on the mantel in no time.

Brandy and John said...

So much fun... Oh my goodness, still jealous! Happy Easter... loooooong weekend!

Anisa said...

awesome. just freaking awesome.

The Robertsons said...

OMG! I am totally jealous. What a great accomplishment for you!

Erika Foster said...

Hi Laura!
My name is Erika... I've been reading your blog for a while... I really enjoy it! What a talented blogger you are! Can I just say I am jealous that you have a four day weekend? I am an accountant, and I am at my office on a Saturday!You can visit my blog at (It may look likE D.J. sin, but it stands for "DOes Jesus Shine in You)

Anonymous said...

As Jessie would say after taking too many caffiene pills, "I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" Mrs. K

Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

yessssssss. thanks for the recognition. i'll finish my post soon.

Trace's Space said...

I am SO jealous!