Friday, April 17, 2009

Greetings from the couch; Day 3

I think I've taken more naps this week than I have in my entire life combined. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I hate being sick. I'm just not good at it. I don't like being forced to rest, eat soup, and take meds. I spent a lot of time this week thinking about people (children specifically) who are terminally ill and have to LIVE like that all of the time. It made my heart hurt. Anytime I found myself complaining about not being able to exercise, clean my house, run errands, go to work, etc., I thought about these innocent children. (And to think: I've only been sick for THREE DAYS!). Bless their little souls.
I did attempt to go to school this morning. I know it's hard to catch up at work no matter what your job is, but it's a total PAIN to miss school when you're a teacher. There are papers to grade, plans to make, neverending paperwork, etc., most of which I was able to get done this morning thank goodness. I felt a little "out of it," totally unable to focus and concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. When I realized that there really was no point in me being there, I left work and came home to...sleep of course. I made it half a day though, so at least I tried.
I always like being at school the first day back after being sick. Those sweet students are so happy to see me. I've never felt more missed by anybody in my life. And the look on their faces when I told them I was leaving right before lunch? You would have thought their lives were about to end. Precious ones... most of the time.
I am feeling so very very much better today though. Z Packs are totally the way to go when you have the same crud I've had. Other than being weak and a little fatigued, I feel like a totally different person than I did yesterday.
Claire is on her way here, so I'm trying to get a little cleaning done, and perhaps I'll even be out of my pjs before she gets here. It's a good thing I don't have to impress her!
Happy Super Bulldog Weekend to all! And, if you're not a bulldog fan, well, I feel sorry for you.
Oh, and have I told you how much I'm loving my new computer? LOVE.IT.


Kevin and Hope said...

I'm sorry you've been sick, too! I left school Tuesday and went to the doctor and got a shot, Z-pack, AND nose spray, and I am STILL coughing with this crud. Sigh. I laid around and slept all day today. If it will ever get out of my chest, I'll be ok. I hope you get over your crud this weekend so hopefully we can be back to normal Monday! I hate being sick, too!

Katie said...

Oh no... so sorry to hear you are sick LT! Get better soon!

The Beidleman's said...

So sorry you are sick. Missing school is HORRIBLE. It's always easier just to go and suffer through the day...IF you can. :) Hope you feel better so we can finish our last 25 days!!!! WHOO HOO!!!! SUMMER!