Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Today marks the 27th birthday of one of my dearest, Shannon.
We went to the same elementary school, but her family moved to Nashville right before she started Junior High. We've remained best of friends even after all of these years!
Below, you will see a lovely photo taken of us in '93, not too many years after our friendship began. I am about 12 in the picture and she's probably 11. Did anybody else love those booths as much as us? Wow.
Don't hate me for posting this, Shan, but I came across it recently and just HAD to share it! HA! I've also posted a picture taken of us last summer. I just wanted you know that despite our big bangs and bushy eyebrows, we did turn out ok. :)
(I'm very thankful that you can't see my hair very well in the above pics. It was before I "discovered" that my hair was indeed curly. I wore it as just one big frizzy mess.)I've also copied MSKS's alphabet game to tell you a little bit more about my sweet Shannon.
Amazing friend
Chippy and Dippy. People just wouldn't understand.
"Don't Speak"
Escalator. That's all I'm going to say about that.
Fresh Prince. Don't ask her to sing the song unless you're prepared to see her dance too!
Graduations (she came to my highschool AND college graduations!)
Has an older sister and a younger sister--just like me!
Italian food--her favorite.
Junk food-OUR favorite thing.
Kind. So very very kind.
Listener/Advice-Giver/Counselor/Friend. She's all of these.
Mickey Mouse watches
Nashville. Her hometown and one of my favorite places to visit!
One of my favorite people. EVER.
Puppy chow. Extra peanut butter, please.
Quiet? HA! I think not.
Roadtrips. I hope they never end!
Sid the Sloth
Twenty-seven today!
Ultimate 4-wheeler driver. :)
Very fun to be around.
eXample of a Christian woman.
Year younger than me. Poo on her.
Zestful (I used the dictionary for this one. Sorry it's not very good!) :)

I hope it's the best birthday yet, Shannon! I love you and can't wait to see you NEXT WEEKEND!


mtomlinson said...

I think you and Shannon were just about the cutest pre-teens I have ever seen! Loverly!

Emily said...

LT, you still look EXACTLY the same. nice.

Carrie said...

I feel you on the frizzy, messy hair. it took me a while to embrace the curls too....

Heather said...

do those photo booths still exist? I bet there are more than 3 at the T.C.