Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sweet daddy.

Happy birthday to my sweet daddy!He's a pretty great man, and if you don't believe me, ask this entire town. He was, afterall, recently voted "Friendliest Man in Starkville"-- for the 3rd time.
No---that's not a joke.
Here he is holding one of his 2 favorite little boys. In dad's opinion, there's nothing better than being a grandfather.
Oh how I love this man.
I tell others (somewhat jokingly, but not really) that the reason I haven't married is because I've yet to meet a man like my daddy!


Ford Family said...

Your dad really is sweet! I saw him in Harveys last week (he doesn't know who I am), and he came over to look at Ginger and talk about how cute she is and how she has it made. Not very many men would do that!

Jan Johnson said...

How sweet! He does deserve that award even though I didn't even know it existed! :) And also, keep those standards high and God will lead you to an honorable man like your daddy! Don't settle for anything less girl because you're worth so much!

The Robertsons said...

Happy birthday, Tommy T! He is the friendliest man I know.

Nana Gayle said...

Not only is your Dad the "friendliest: man in Starkville, I am certain he is the most respected man, also!! How God blessed you girls with both of your parents! And, on the other hand, the greatest tribute to your Dad is you three girls - awesome!!!
God has a special, special man for you, and he will be amazing!