Wednesday, April 21, 2010

beautiful boy.

I'm so very much in love with this sweet baby already.
I want to hold him so badly that I could cry right now.
These pictures were taken on Saturday, April 17, the day God blessed my sister and brother-in-law (and our entire family!) with this little miracle.
I took this first picture the first time I laid my eyes on him.
He's probably 30 minutes old here. Love at first sight.
Waiting patiently in the waiting room! (Henry?--waiting not-so-patiently!)
My first love!
Jones' 2 aunts!
The family just hearing about Jones' arrival! Trey is proudly showing off Jones' first pictures.
Uncle Adam (Trey's brother) and Aunt La La just hearing the news!
First picture as a family of 3.

My baby sister has a baby!

Henry meeting Jones for the first time. I love this picture so much. You can see Henry's curiosity and instant love and Jones' pure innocence!

My first glimpse of that sweet boy with his eyes open. He already reminds me of his mommy.

Me with 4 of my favorite 2 sisters and 2 nephews! I love how Henry is still looking at Jones. He was in AWE.

"A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above-A handful of happiness, a heart full of love. The mystery of life, so sacred and sweet-The giver of joy so deep and complete. Precious and priceless, so lovable, too-The world's sweetest miracle, baby, is you."
-Helen Steiner Rice


Meaghan and Wes said...

Great pics! Congrats on another round of aunthood!!

Anna Little said...

Presh. Presh. Presh.

lowe family said...

He is so precious! So happy for Heather and your entire family!