Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome back, Dave.

So...after about a 2 month hiatus from good 'ole Dave Ramsey, he's reentered my life. I found it nearly impossible to stick to the envelope system during the holidays. I did well with my Christmas shopping, but I shamefully didn't stick to the "just use cash" rule.
2010 is well underway though, and I'd really like to get back on track with Dave.
So, if there's still a week left in the month and I want to go to dinner with friends, but find that there is no money left in my "recreation" envelope? Well...I'm just going to be out of luck.
Anyway, I've got to really really start pinching those pennies again.
Why you ask?
Perhaps you remember me flirting with the idea of buying a house. I've been looking a lot and praying even more and a few weeks ago I found a house I really liked! So after much thought, I made an offer on it, but unfortunately it fell through. :(
I continued looking at other houses and came across another one that I LOVE (even more than the 1st!)! I actually made an offer on it this weekend and I'm waiting to hear back. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I really REALLY want this one to work out!
Cross your fingers for me, will ya?
I'll definitely keep you posted...
I'm also still waiting to get Max's biopsy results back, so be expecting an update (hopefully a GOOD ONE!) soon! Thank you much!


The Stringers said...

those dang envelopes...i have a love/hate relationship with them. i only love them because they really DO work.

good luck with the house! can't wait to here.

AnnaLittle said...

Oh my gosh!! Can't wait to hear about the house Laura :)

And I agree with Emily... the envelopes are great/horrible all at the same time. But they really do work!! Just think how happy you'll be when you can use all your saved-up money for YOUR NEW HOUSE (hopefully)!!!

ABL said...

Good luck on the house and Max's report!

Jared and Brandy Verwiel said...

welcome back Dave!!! i LOVE him! possibly a new fun! can we have pics?

Trace's Space said...

fingers crossed in Memphis! I hope all is well with Max!

The Segrest Family said...

any word on max???? im so worried about him.

and we love dave too - but i do not love envelopes =)
and yay for the house! let us know!