Tuesday, January 19, 2010

shower pics!

Heather is without internet access at the moment, so I'm taking it upon myself to post some of the pics from her shower on Saturday. These are some of the ones from Mom's camera. They're super cute, but unfortunately there's not one of Heather with her fun friends who put time and effort into making it perfect for Heather!
Heather with Trey's aunt, Mom, my Nana, and my Mom

Sister pic. Absolutely horrible of me, but the blog world has seen plenty of those I guess!
Opening some great stuff for Jones!:A hospital gown that says "Jones' Mommy"! Great gift, Amanda!

Precious notecards! Compliments of Renee of course!

This baby's gonna be a bulldog (sorry, Trey!)

I'm sure Heather will have more to say and more pics to post since it was her shower afterall! This really makes me excited about Jones' arrival in a few short months!

Happy Tuesday! LT


Heather said...

i need to get the pics! I look so awkward in the one with the grandmothers. sheesh.

Trace's Space said...

Can y'all adopt me? I love your family.

LT (and Max) said...

TRACY!! YES! of course we'll adopt you! you do know, of course, that there are no ole miss fans allowed in our family though, don't you? we would have to convert you first. ;)