Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These are a few of my NEW favorite things...

Life is good tonight. I'm lounging on my couch with Max (who I think unfortunately has a tummy ache. Sad.), watching American Idol, and sipping on a glass of wine. The weather was absolutely beautiful today, so I was able to enjoy a fantastic jog without having to wear 42 layers of clothes. I'm totally craving spring.

In the mean time, I've got a few favorites that I thought I'd share with the blog-o-sphere. Favorite what, you ask? Well....I guess you can say it's just a little of this and a little of that. It's a completely random list of items, so you will find very little rhyme or reason as to why I chosen these things tonight.

Here's a bulleted list of some new favorites of mine!:

  • My HERO! I told myself I did NOT need a fancy phone like this, but now that I have it (and become quite attached to it), I can't imagine not having it. I'm still learning new things about it, but I've had fun with it. A few of my favorite apps: 1. Shazam! In a car or a public place, hear a song you love and don't know the name or artist who sings it? NO FEAR! Simply open up Shazam, hold the phone up, and viola!...the title, artist, and album appear on the screen. Genius? I think so. 2. Calorie Counter - You may be rolling your eyes at this one, but really, it's quite nifty. If you're trying to eat a little healthier and wondering what your best food option is at a popular restaurant, you can open up this app and you'll see tons of restaurants, their menus, and the fat content (including weight watcher points!) of each meal. If you think that ordering a salad is always safe, you'll think twice after looking at the number of calories some of them contain! YIKES! 3. Pandora- this isn't new to many of you, as I'm sure some of you listen to this fantastic online radio site. I've enjoyed listening to it while exercising when I want to hear something new as opposed to my predictable I-Pod (which I am also obsessed with). If you're in the market for a new phone, allow me to suggest this fabulous one. And if you know of some other fun apps I need to download, give me a shout out, will ya?
  • Philosophy Senorita Margarita bubble bath, shampoo, and shower gel all-in-one. Thanks for introducing this one to me, Claire. It was given to me as a Christmas gift from this dear friend and I've already used it ALL! I couldn't help myself. First of all, I love bubble baths. And a bubble bath that smells like margaritas? Does it get any yummier than that? I think not. A friendly reminder: My birthday is in a couple of months. Got it, ACH?
  • And finally, I must tell you about Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Eye Moisturizer. I've had very dark, puffy circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember. Bobbi's (I feel that she and I should be on a first name basis) corrector and concealer work really well, but I've still been looking for an eye moisturizer that could actually help reduce the puffiness rather than just hide it. I recently ordered some make-up and was sent a free sample of this eye moisturizer. I've been using it for a couple of days, and I can already feel a difference! I ordered a real size of it today and I'm pretty excited about it. If you're in the market for something similar, you should probably give it a try! Ok. I'm tired now. I'm sure you'll hear from me again sooner than later, though. Enjoy your Wednesday, and if you're from around here, get your umbrellas ready! The rumor is that this beautiful weather we've enjoyed for the past couple of days will be turning into thunderstorms tomorrow!


Chloie said...

I should try that Margarita bubble bath! SOunds very interesting. I love bubble baths!

Tennille said...

I want a phone like yours!! I'm just afraid that I will regret trading in the black berry!!!

You know I can hook you up with some Arbonne stuff if you want to try it for the eye issue:)

Have a great night LT!