Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEGS!I promise this will be my last post of the day, but I absolutely couldn't go without giving my dear friend Heather a huge happy birthday shout out! I have yet to complete an ABC list of this girl, so allow me to do so now:
Reasons A-Z why I am glad to be friends with this girl!
Aunt! She loves her "Abi J" and "Baby D"!
Beautiful. On the inside AND out.
Countdowns. She counts down to every event. I love her for that.
Desserts. This girl has the biggest sweet tooth of anybody I've ever known! (See above pic)
Everybody loves her.
FRIDAYS. We live for them.
Girly girl.
HEGS---her beloved nickname (her initials obviously).
IDOL! We share a love for American Idol.
Job...thankfully it's the same as mine!
Kids. She loves them. They love her.
Libby Story. Heather keeps them in business.
Multi-talented. She can pretty much do it all.
Not selfish at all.
Orange Beach. Her favorite place on the earth.
PINK! Her fave color!
Reese. Her beloved yorkie.
Sugarland concert. Such a fun memory!
Teacher friend! I'm so glad we're in it together!
Vacations. We teachers LOVE our vacations!
Wife to Tom. Great guy!
X-tra creative. She even started her own painting business!
Younger than me unfortunately.
Zero (Cherry Coke Zero that is).

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Tassie said...

Heather is so sweet! One of my major life dreams is to make an ABC list on your blog someday.... :-)