Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had to wait over a week to get Max's test results, but I found out today that MAX IS FINE! I said before that Max's dr. was hoping it was a bacterial infection, but he was afraid that it was too severe and he was preparing me to hear not-so-good results. I honestly was expecting to hear that Max had something severe that was going to cause him to be on medication for the rest of this life as well as shorten his lifespan. The thought of that terrified me. Seriously.
I was absolutely relieved to find out today that it really was just a serious bacterial infection that will cause no long term problems. He looks and feels so much better, THANK GOODNESS!
Oh, and just in case I've failed to mention it before, I LOVE MY DOG.

If you're single and live alone, I hope I don't find out because I will find a way to convince you to get a pet DOG! :)
Oh, and about the house that I wanted to so badly?...Well...unfortunately I was let down once again. :( It fell through and YES, I was disappointed, but oh well. That's life, I guess...Sad.
But did I mention that Max was healthy and happy again?


Anonymous said...

Glad Max is ok.

If you're getting turned down on offers, it means you're doing something right. ALWAYS be willing to walk away. With that mentality, eventually you'll get a great deal. It's a buyers market still, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out somebody tracked you down later to see if your offer still stands.

barb_cooper said...

So glad Max is o.k. I know you were relieved to get that good report. Just hang in there. You will find the perfect place.

The Segrest Family said...


the right house will come soon!

D said...

Glad Max is okay. Dogs are even better then guys. My dog will not bring me my slippers but hey, she won't bring anyone else their's either. Love and puppy biscuits for Max!

Juggling Thoughts said...

So happy to hear that! I don't know what I would do if anything happened to my little Brody!

Found you on Nashville Nest and thought I would drop in :)

Come visit One Fine Wire!

Nice to meet you :)