Monday, January 4, 2010

back in action has officially re-started. Today was mostly a work day, and tomorrow my little ones will grace me with their presence once again! The break was really really good for me (obviously). I did tons of relaxing and sleeping, and I feel refreshed. I'm ready to see my kids and get the 2nd half of the year started.
*I am, however, teaching my students how to subtract and regroup, so give me a couple of days and I'm sure I'll be totally stressed out again! *
In a few weeks, I'm sure I'll begin my spring break countdown, which will be followed by the countdown to my annual beach trip with HEGS! There's so much for which to look forward!
On a more serious note, I want to ask you to please keep the students at my school in your prayers. Last week I posted about the horrible fire that took place in Starkville, taking the lives on 9 people, 2 of which were students at my school. Our administrators are handling the situation as well as can be expected, and they've arranged for counselors to be at our school for the next couple of days to help the students who may have difficulty dealing with such a tragedy. I truly don't know what I would do if one of those precious children had been in my class. We're expecting the next couple of days to be hard. Remember: the school where I teach is a K-2 school. Many children this young do not completely understand death, much less the death of one of their schoolmates. Please pray for the families as they go through the funerals this week, pray that the school counselors and teachers find the right words to say to comfort those who are hurting, and pray for the 1,200 students at this school who are going to try their best to understand. As a teacher, I know there are some things that I haven't been trained to do, and discussing death with my class is one of those things. It's such a sad situation.
OK...sorry for the
I'm going to end on a happy note, OK?
My friend, Mims, and I went to the movies and saw "It's Complicated" the other night. First of
all, I'll say it again, Meryl Streep is completely fantastic. Just fabulous. I pretty much love any of her movies. Alec Baldwin? Well...I'm not so much a fan. HOWEVER, he could not have been better for this role. It was perfectly cast (or is it casted?).
Now, as my beloved little sister will tell you, I have a very loud laugh. Needless to say, Mims had to "shush" me a couple of times throughout the movie, because of my laughter. I couldn't help it! It was just that good.
I wouldn't recommend taking your kids to see the movie:), but if you're into comedies and don't mind a little...well...what's the word...risque(??) humor, then this is a must.
Thanks for hanging in there with me through this post.
Hoping you're week is fantastic.
Anybody seeing snow?


Trace's Space said...

I really want to see that and I think you and I would be perfect movie partners. I have, what my friends call and "infectious" laugh but I'm not sure they mean it in a good way. I'm a loud laugher too :)

I will say a prayer for the kiddo's at your school. It is so tragic and so very sad.

ps - I promise I didn't make a word of mine up. It happened exactly like I said. really bad, huh? I'm still in shock

Joeli said...

It saddens me everytime I think about the fire and those precious children that passed away with it! Prayers are being sent to the school, the families, the teachers and all the friends left behind...
Good Luck this week!

Brandy and John said...

I agree with you on the movie! LOVED it!! Oh, and I had to be "hushed" by my husband too :-) Will definitely keep your school and all the students and admin in my prayers.

Hope said...

Hey friend! Just now getting around to reading all of your latest posts. I want to see that movie! I can just hear you laughing--ha!