Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lucky So and So..

Kristen's dear childhood friend, Jessi has been mentioned a time or 2 on my blog.  Perhaps you recall me mentioning her speaking at Nana's funeral earlier this year.  She and Kristen have been friends since childhood.  They graduated high school together, and were college roommates until Jessi moved to NYC.  Jessi is a graphic designer and  an artist, and is absolutely one of the most creative people I've ever known. 
I follow her on twitter and read her blog regularly (you absolutely should check it out!).
Several months ago, she took on a challenge (read about it here).  I was fascinated! I so enjoyed reading about this experience she had, while wondering how in the world I'd be able to manage such a thing!  In fact, I'm quite sure I don't know a single other person who would take on such a task.  She now talks publicly about her adventure, and was recently featured on TEDactive (pretty cool, huh?). 
Anyway, here's the video of her talking about her experience. 
Watch this video, and I guarantee you'll agree that this girl is one of the most intriguing, amazing, and beautiful people you've ever seen!  She has a heart of gold and is a total joy to be around. 
Check this out.

Are you amazed?

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Tracy~ said...

she is so beautiful! I love her style and she had some fantastic advice!!!!