Wednesday, February 16, 2011

snow (again!), my ankle (boo!), and my nephews (cute!)

So, Mississippi weather has been crazy lately. This time last week it was 20 degrees, and today it was almost 70. We missed yet another day of school last Thursday due to the snow (about 4 inches!). I've enjoyed the pretty snow, but I'm so very ready for spring weather!
Here I am "hurrying" out of school in my walking boot during a heavy snow one day last week. Thanks for taking the time to help me with my bags take a picture of me, Bambi! :)
And speaking of walking boot, you may be wondering how my fractured little ankle is doing. Well, I had an MRI last week to determine exactly where the fracture was. The doctor was hoping that it was in the tibia (or whatever the "inside bone" is called), in which case, I would stay in my walking boot for just a few weeks. Unfortunately, the results showed that the fracture was actually in the talus, which is the bone that connects the fibula and the tibia (see diagram below). He seemed to be a little surprised and slightly more concerned when he realized this.
The swelling in my ankle has gone down greatly and I wasn't in nearly as much pain, so I had high hopes of leaving the doctor today with a good report! But instead, I left looking like this:
Ugh. I'm in a cast for about 3 weeks. A green cast at that. (I got to choose between pink, purple, green, orange, black, etc. What would you have chosen?). Green is my favorite color + St. Patty's Day is coming up! I'm just trying to be festive here. Also, my teacher friends already have plans to glue jewels on it tomorrow at school--we'll see about that... Ha! The doctor said that I will have the cast for a few weeks, and then back to the walking boot, and THEN I will have to go through a little therapy before I'll be back to running.
Seriously, I'm very bummed about this. I know, I know, it absolutely, most definitely could be worse, but I'm still just bummed. I have a 30th birthday trip planned in New Orleans in mid March, and I'm going to be so sad if I spend the trip in a cast and on crutches.
Can I ask you for a selfish favor? Will you pray that this ankle of mine recovers QUICKLY?! Thank you.
And now onto a much happier topic..
My nephews!
Last weekend my dad took Henry to a rodeo, and I really think Henry thought he was a cowboy. It was precious. Here he is, taking this horse ride very seriously. (And you should probably look at his shirt closely--there are horseshoes on it!). He had a blast. Sweet boy.
My other sweet little guy recently had his 9 month pictures taken by the oh-so-very-talented Tricia Butts. Here's a little sneak peak of:
a). How freaking adorable he is.
b). What an amazing photographer Tricia is (you really must look at her blog!)

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Same one I got a stress fracture in many years ago...and I got a hot pink cast :). That bone is in an area with low blood supply, so it doesn't heal as easily. You'll be grateful for the boot when you get the cast off

Tricia said...

Thanks for the shout-out Laura! And I'm really bummed about your foot. I know not being able to run everyday like you want to is tough. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Poor YaYa