Friday, February 4, 2011

it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (but it could've been a lot worse!)

If you've ever read about the beloved Alexander (as a teacher, I'm a huge fan of this book!), you know that he just had one of those days--he woke up with gum in his hair, his mom forgot to pack dessert in his lunch, his friends were mean to him at school, etc. Nothing went right for him. Bless that sweet Alexander.
Yesterday was my "Alexander day".
To try to make a long story short, I hurt my ankle nearly 2 weeks ago, stayed off of it for a few days (thinking it was nothing serious), waited about a week, and then on Monday, I decided it was OK enough to go for a jog. Bad BAD idea.
I woke up Tuesday morning in way more pain than before and my ankle was about twice the size that it should be. I could barely even walk on it. I was able to get an appointment with an orthopaedist in Columbus, so I went yesterday to hopefully figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, I have a stress fracture. He's concerned that a particular bone in my ankle (I'm not the best with anatomy!) is injured, so I'm going back Monday to get an MRI done on it. If that bone IS fractured, I may have to have a cast. If it's another bone that's fractured (and he's hopeful that it is!), I'll just wear this lovely boot for a at least 6 weeks. Yes. 6 weeks. I'm sure I'm going to not enjoy going that long without running, but it could be so much worse, right?
That's not the only thing that made my day terrible, horrible, and no good, though.
My appointment in Columbus (about 30 minutes away from my house) ended around 5 yesterday afternoon, and as I hobbled out in my sexy boot, I noticed the rain and sleet and got a little concerned about the driving conditions. You have to remember something--I'm a Mississippi girl--so I don't do icy roads and such. Not my thing really. I really thought that if I just drove slowly and carefully, I would be just fine to get home. I had literally been on the highway for 30 seconds and witnessed multiple cars swerving on bridges and saw 2 wrecks. Again, I don't do ice, and was absolutely not willing to risk hurting myself or someone else! I knew I wasn't going to get home last night, so I called some dear friends of mine who live in Columbus (thank God for them!), managed to turn my car around, and stayed with them last night. They were so good to me and I'm so grateful for them ALL of the time, but especially last night. I was planning on taking a sick day today (did I really have another choice??), but fortunately, school was cancelled today anyway.

So...I hurt my ankle, was put in a "boot," and was unable to drive home last night (oh...and I failed to mention that I've got a sore throat and a not fun cold!). It was all kind of a bummer, but I couldn't help but think about what adorable little Pollyanna would say about this situation:
1. Be glad that you HAVE a foot and are able to walk!
2. Be glad that you DIDN'T drive home and get into an accident!
3. Be glad you HAVE such dear friends who graciously welcomed you into their home and took good care of you!
4. Be glad you HAVE an entire weekend to sit around and prop that foot up (in a warm house!)!
So, yes. It was a not-so-good day, but oh how it could've been so much worse!
Now...if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to watch "Pollyanna". In my boot.


Melita said...

That's my girl! Look for the positives! (Love me some Pollyanna, too!!!)

The Lively's said...

Love that movie! So sad about your foot....hope it heals quickly.

The Shermans said...

At least it's not summer'd be missing out on strappy sandals, and you'd have a bad tan line! Get better.

Katy said...

You crack me up! So sorry you have to wear that boot.. at least its not in the summer when you can't go swimming! =) rest up and enjoy your weekend. hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I had a stress fracture in my ankle - the bone in the very center. I had to wear a real cast with crutches for six weeks and then a boot for 4 after that. I got the cast a week or so before 4th of July and hated wearing that thing all summer! I got the boot just in time to start my senior year of high school. And I did mine cheering - I had a nagging pain for quite a while and they had me in a brace, then during all star tryouts at camp that summer when I came down from a toe-touch that was it.

The Robertsons said...

So sorry to hear about your foot! You would have been the girl, who fell in the parking lot and had to go back in to get another boot:) Just sayin! Glad you were able to camp out at their house!

Rachel said...

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