Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well...after living in my cozy little 2 bedroom apartment/duplex/house--whatever it is!- for almost 5 years, I'll soon be spending my last night there. I've lived there longer than anywhere else (well, besides home with Mom and Dad!), and I am absolutely going to miss my quaint little place. The location has been perfect; and had I never lived there, I would've never met Mandy, one of my dearest friends in life (she rents the upstairs part of the "duplex")! I'll always have memories, both good and bad, of that little house on Hogan. Some of these memories include: bringing Max home for the first time, having morning coffee and evening wine with Mandy, jogging on Main Street and our beautiful campus, going through not-so-fun breakups, snow days, our house FLOOD, etc). It's been such a good home to me over these past several years, and oh how I'm going to miss it!
Why am I leaving and where am I going you ask?
Well, here's the story.
My sweet Nana and Dada built a fantastic house here in town during the 90's (I think!), and they lived there until they both passed away (Dada in 2006 and Nana last month). The thought of selling their house at this point is just not something that my dad and uncle want to think about right now. Sure, it will probably be a possibility sometime in the near future, but just not now. I was so excited (emotional too!) when my dad and uncle asked if I would like to be the one to move into their house until they're ready to sell it. This is a major change for me. No--I'm not going to be living in a new town, with a new job and new friends, but I will be living in my beloved grandparents' home. It will be hard not to think of Dada everytime I look in at the backyard and see his chair sitting under the big oak tree (trying to pretend like he wasn't smoking a cigarette! :) ). It will be hard everytime I come across a serving piece that Nana used or a blanket that she made. And the house smell? I still think of Nana when I walk in. While all of these wonderful memories will always be cherished, I'm looking forward to making their beautiful house my own. I will add my decorating touch, use my furniture, and bring in "my" smell, and know that Nana and Dada are both smiling down from heaven. It's such a comforting feeling to know that they would want nothing more than for their granddaughter to be living in their home. Their home was always such a happy and inviting place, and I'm so excited to be able to continue making it just that!
Please keep me in your prayers as I make this move. Pray that leaving my little Hogan house won't be too hard, and that I can move into Nana and Dada's house without being flooded with emotions. Despite all of the emotional stuff I will probably experience in the next few weeks, I am looking forward to this change.
The moving process has begun. I'm in a cast and on crutches, so obviously I'm unable to do much to help, but thankfully I've got fabulous friends and family who are helping me with it ALL. Most of the little things have already been moved, and the big things (couch, bed, etc.) will probably be moved in the next day or so. I'm guessing that my first night in my new home will be either tomorrow or Thursday.
Think of me, will ya?
(Oh...and if you're known for having really good arm strength, feel free to head on over and help me move!).


Anonymous said...

Yaya, Nana and Dada would be so proud!!! I'm so happy for you!!!
Mrs. K.

Marty said...

That's exciting! Where is the new house?